Attack of the DOH

Got multiple reports at the end of the last week that both Grill 44 (on 44th btw. Lex+3rd) and Crisp (on 3rd & 43rd) have been closed by the Department of Health.  The Grill 44 inspection happened awhile ago, so they might already be open again. As for Crisp, there is no report listed yet and considering how clean their other location is, it might just be a permit issue.  We’ll see. UPDATE: The owner of Crisp checks in to say this: “We forgot to file a renewal form with department of consumer affairs. Its an administration issue that fell between the cracks. We are now at the department of consumer affairs office trying to figure the paper work out.”  SECOND UPDATE: They have obtained the proper permit, and Crisp on 3rd Ave. is back open as of now.

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