Cravings Truck Eats Lunch Elsewhere

The Cravings Truck, which is parked on 24th btw. Mad+Park, admitted via Twitter to taking a lunch field trip to the Shake Shack today. Like this guy, I’m always suspicious of people who don’t eat their own food- but I suppose you can’t eat this every single day.  And it is the Shake Shack.


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    my friend once made yellow rice and ground beef for everyone, then we saw him ordering chinese food… half of us stopped eating so they should watch out in case the same thing happens to them. and we didnt even pay him for the food! free food and they stopped eating!

  • i would not want to eat the same type of food every day – even if it is the “best of” a certain category. In fact, depending on how fattening/rich the food is, I might just eat it once a week. Makes perfect sense to me to go and eat other food.

  • I’ll give them a pass since it’s the Shack.

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