Midtown Links (The “This Site is Why We Are All Fat” Edition)

Wafels & Dinges Owner Thomas enjoying his own ‘This is Why You’re Fat’ Creation

  • Halloween sweets have arrived at the Treats Truck [Blondie and Brownie]
  • The lunch box is the best thing about Boi Sandwich [Donuts 4 Dinner]
  • Front Studio also loves the sul long tang at Gahm Mi Oak [Lunch Studio]
  • A coffee lover’s look at the Ecco now being served at Joe The Art of Coffee [SENY]
  • The new NYT Restaurant critic loves Five Guys [Diner's Journal]
  • Xie Xie’s fish sandwich beats out Num Pang’s fish sandwich [Fork in the Road]
  • Bring a lot of napkins if you get the hot dog kolache at Kolache Mama [Pink Pig]


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    If Fork in the Road did their due diligence, they’d realize that the superstar fish sandwich at Num Pang is the grilled king mackerel with leeks. This item is technically a “special”, but has been on the menu every time I’ve been to Num Pang since they opened.

    I’ve had the Xie Xie sandwich in question and really enjoyed it. I just wish it was compared with the best of what Num Pang has to offer. I know nothing about Fork in the Road, but their failure to scout out such an obvious and delicious choice makes me less inclined to care what they have to say.

  • I REALLY wanted to make a comment about the photo of “Wafels & Dinges Owner Thomas enjoying his own ‘This is Why You’re Fat’ Creation”.

    But, I promised my jailers in ‘Deep Rural Arkansas’ that I was going to clean up my act.

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