FreeFoods NYC Closes 52nd St. Location

This just in from Lunch’er “Matt”: “Not sure if this has been reported yet (I didn’t see anything) but the Free Foods NYC on 52nd btw. 3rd+Lex is closed! It was definitely open last week when I passed by and I even saw the chef ordering product out front. In hindsight maybe he was taking inventory! Anyways I figured I’d pass along the news so you can break the bad news to the masses. The windows were completely papered up.” According to the owner most of the business at that location was delivery, so they decided to consolidate operations. I’m guessing that means if you used to have food delivered from the 52nd location, you can still order from the original FreeFoods NYC on 45th btw. 5+6th.

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  • There are no “masses” who would consider this bad news. I doubt that there are many, if any, ML’ers who will miss the overpriced hipster offerings of this place. The market has spoken, FreeFoods is fail.

  • Now where will I get the best fake pumpkin pie of all time? :)

    Sad, but not surprising. That place was always relatively empty while Chipotle two stores away was packed.

  • They tried hard but at prices 2-3 times the going rates (even for baked goods!) they needed to be better than they were especially when Dishes 2 blocks away owns that market…

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    I’m not sure what their price per lb was to compare with Dishes, but I used to go to FreeFoods infrequently and get out of there for $6-$7 doing the per lb buffet. I’d get more than enough food for this skinny fat person.

    You just need to pick and choose wisely as Zach has pointed out many times over the years.

    I won’t really miss them, but I did enjoy some of their offerings.

  • Personally, I think that Midtown will be better off.

  • I’ve never been to freefoods.

    Doc – what did you dislike about FF?

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    That location is cursed. And I actually miss the DB Goodfoods or whatever it was that had the swedish meatballs :(

  • @Joer “$7 per half pound”

    That’s exactly what I was told by one of their people when they first opened.

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