Midtown Links (The “Chicken Pot Pie” Edition)

Muldoon's Chicken Pot Pie
Photo courtesy of Blondie and Brownie

  • You can get a good chicken pot pie from Muldoon’s for under $10 [Blondie and Brownie]
  • Kathy YL Chan is a big fan of Macaron Cafe‘s chocolate milk [SENY]
  • The Palm finally gets their act together on those happy hour specials [Wined and Dined]
  • David Sax says the matzoh ball soup at Ben’s is one of the top 5 deli dishes in NYC [Feed Blog]
  • Joe and the Art of Coffee is now brewing beans from Ecco [Eater]
  • Here’s a post for anybody who wonders what a free meal from Montenapo tastes like [Feisty Foodie]
  • Brandy is a good way to wash down a lunch from El Rey del Sabor [Tessin Rinpoche]


  • That has to be the most delicious looking chicken pot pie that I have ever seen.

    Are you certain that photo was made in NYC?

    I mean, in my hometown of Houston, Texas, my grandmother made chicken pot pies for us grandkids all the time.

    But Grandma’s (the ‘Queen Chef’ of the Houston Heights) pot pies NEVER looked that delicious.

    I am totally impressed!

  • claim of hometown – fake
    claim of texan lineage – fake
    claim of talented gramma – fake

  • Zach – plz ban both of these trolls. Thx.

  • @chris – considering it… sick of the same back and forth every day. just let people comment in peace.

  • I remember the days when i was the annoying one.


  • Well, I am actually sorry I am considered to be a troll. I had great hopes that when Zach instituted logins that we’d no longer have to read DocChuck posts. I will from this point forward not respond to DocChuck posts, and will only point out (with no embellishment or additional text) the ones where he logs in under one of his other favored pseudonyms, such as Chiffonade.

    DocChuck has made the experience of participating in dozens of other food blogs a lot less enjoyable, and hopefully, that will not continue much longer here.

    Again, I offer my apologies to the MTL community.

  • As an aside, I also have hopes that someday Zach will let you all know that DocChuck and I are not the same individual, ie our IP addresses are quite different.

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