At Lunch Now: Hallo Berlin Cart Soldiers On


I can’t believe it but Rolf Babiel’s brother Wolfgang is out right now working the Hallo Berlin cart (on 54th and 5th).  The line down the street was a fine tribute to Rolf (especially on a day when other well known carts seemed a little less crowded because of the weather.)  I let Wolfgang know how sorry we were to hear the news about his brother, and asked him what happened.  He told me that Rolf had cancer, and said as far as the future of the cart goes he’s just taking things day to day… “It still isn’t real for me yet.”

Hallo Berlin Cart Owner Rolf Babiel Has Passed Away


  • They should do a RolfWurst to honour him.

    He’ll be up at the pearly gates now : “aint move zee zee kart for no-onez, Petr”

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    This seemed like a fine way to show respects to a great vendor, while also showing support to a grieving family member. That long line surely produced a heavy workload for the man, but I’m sure it helped tremendously in keeping his mind off of the tragedy. RIP.

  • I’m so sorry to hear that.

  • RE: “I can’t believe it but Rolf Babiel’s brother Wolfgang is out right now working the Hallo Berlin cart ….”

    I can’t believe it, either, and I think it speaks volumes about a lot of things NYC, and its people.

  • No one gives a fuck about your ramblings “doc”

  • Jabba, but rolf’s brother doesn’t have the vast income of your property empire.

    The $75 a month you get from your uncledad for your double wide must keep you in the thunderbirds for a day or two.


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    RIP Rolf. Wolfgang is a class act. I always enjoy a good chat while he assembles my Obama Special and always leave a little extra in the tip jar. For selfish reasons I hope the Hallo Berlin cart stays around. I don’t want to think about being without it. Their good food has kept me well fed for a long time.

  • Count on DocChuck to deliver an entirely classless post when the subject is the death of a NYC cart-operating legend. Why he is allowed to continue to post here is a mystery to me.

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