Delivery Week Is Just Like Restaurant Week in Every Way (Even the Arguing)


Just a friendly reminder that “Delivery Week” has begun, Seamless Web’s clever take on Restaurant Week. $12.09 gets you an app, entree, and dessert or drink from a number of different places in Midtown, and just like the real Restaurant Week the arguments discussions have already begun over whether or not its worth it. This was posted to the ML Forums by Lunch’er “hightemp”:

I was going to order “Delivery Week” for lunch today but perusing the options in my neighborhood I opted against it. Seems a lot of places are switching out “dessert” with “beverage”. And in one instance <> pop burger <> the savings add up to a grand total of …. wait for it… 41 cents. Anyone tried delivery week yet? Any good deals to be had or things worth trying?

$12.09 for a burger, 1/2 an order of shrimp dumpling pops, and a drink from the Volstead is still a pretty good deal (although I was hoping in vain for lobster roll sliders!) And just like Restaurant Week, Delivery Week actually lasts two weeks (through October 31st). Anybody else found any keepers? Post them to the thread in the forum>>


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    Domino’s is having one topping large pizza with extra cheese for $5.99 with free cinnastix (use coupon code ONLINE).

    It is carryout only.

  • When I entered my address (57th/7th), it returned 20 restaurants, most of which were more than 10 blocks away.
    Most had $15 minimums for delivery, meaning I could not just order the delivery week special. And, most of the restaurants listed were undistinguished. I’d say this qualifies as a massive fail.

  • Agreed. Molyvos seems to only have the offer for in-restaurant dining.

    Back to the streetcarts for me!

  • Thx Viktor that’s a really good deal even it is dominos. My order came out to 6.52.

  • from the Seamless Web Molyvos ordering site…..

    Delivery Week: Prix-Fixe Specials
    Available from October 17th-October 31st.

    The restaurant offer a Dinner Prix-Fixe Only —

    Delivery Week: Prix-Fixe Specials

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