Melt’s Free Gelato Day Gets a Slow Start


Thanks to Niko from Dessert Buzz for forwarding along this early photo from Melt, the new gelato and crepe cafe (on 2nd Ave. btw. 55+56th) that’s attempting to break a world record by giving out free gelato until 7pm tonight.  Apparently as of 12:10 there still was no line… but I’m guessing the scene isn’t quite as serene right now. Or maybe rainy day = perfect day for freebies! If you end up braving the lines (and the rain) feel free to post updates in the comments so other lunch’ers know if it’s worth it. (According to Niko it’s “easily competitive with Grom or Il laboratorio Del Gelato.”)

Update: “20 people on line right now at 1:22 p.m. — that is about 5—7 minutes says Gino the manager…”


  • I stopped by at 1:30 and the line was about 20 deep…I was out of time so had to bail. In front of the FDR post office a lady with balloons handed me a small flyer ad for it and shouted “SAVE THE BOOBIES!!!” I guess I will try to stop by again after work to perform this heroic duty.

  • Damn! save the boobies, huh? I guess that is a noble cause. Maybe Wayne will come out of hiding for this one.

  • Why oh why did I give up gelato and cookies and all that is delicious?? UGH.

  • I want to go save boobies too but not sure when I bounce from the office today. Oh well. Hope their gelato is as awesome as it’s sounds.

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