Kyochon to Open on Friday- Scratch That… January!?!

You would think the news that Bon Chon was opening a new location on 38th btw. 7+8th, would light a Korean fried chicken fire under Kyochon’s ass (their new location on 32nd and 5th has been covered in plywood for 8 months now.) And it looks like it did… for a couple of hours anyway. A Friday opening would have been amazing. Now it’s January? WTF


  • do you know how long it takes to get ConEd to come hook up the gas?

    relax. harry may be in college when they finally open.

  • EH, more money for Bon Chon then when they open first…

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    Talk about depressing news.

  • strolled by on the other side of 5th for the first time in a few months and did see that there were a couple of banner flags hanging and signs detailing something like their “chicken revolution” on the fencing around the site, so i hope they’re still shooting for opening next month.

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    So what are some other great places besides:
    Bonchon / Boka
    Baden Baden

    I’m a KFC fiend and especially now that I saw that stupid youtube video on the right way to eat the wings.

  • man Kyochon is like a guy who you dated for a loong loong time and think he’s gonna finally pop the question, but he never does… even though he’s got the ring, flowers and speech… it just doesn’t happen. For now, I’m going to Queens for my Kyochon fix… =) i like it better than BonChon, though Boka’s happy hr deal is pretty hard to beat!

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