Is the DOH Going After Our Chaat?

A few weeks ago it was the former newsstand on 6th Ave., and now (according to a post in the forums by Lunch’er “copyboy”)  Indus Express is the latest Indian joint to be closed by the Department of Health (on 48th btw. 5+6th). If you want to find them on the DOH website, they’re still listed as City Market Cafe, and to me their violations don’t really look too serious.  (No rats.  No roaches. Who cares about lightbulbs?)


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    id rather wonder where the food an utensils were stored…

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    it might be due to the refrigeration units they keep the drinks in… I once got a lassi from them that was spoiled terribly.

  • I just walked by there and was a bit confused. They’re open, but the big yellow DOH sticker is still in the window, partially scraped off (with the DO NOT REMOVE part not scraped off). I snapped a quick picture but didn’t want to hang around because sometimes people get pretty confrontational.

    I’m not sure what the procedure is to get the sticker off once you’re allowed to reopen, so there may be nothing to it (other than poor window-scraping skills).

    In other news, I was on my way back from the Biryani Cart and it was mobbed.

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