6th Ave. Indian/Pizza/Spanish Food Shuttered by DOH?


Lunch’er Carolyn sent in this terrible news yesterday: “As I was on my way to pick up my beloved samosa chat, I found that Indian Newsstand on 6th between 37+38th was shuttered! I didn’t see any notices, but I just thought I would spread the word. Also, just so the people know, they changed their awning in order to display their entire array of foods.” The Department of Health would be the natural culprit, and a quick search of their site uncovered this: last month they received a failing score of 38 from the DOH because “Food Protection Certificate not held by supervisor of food operations.” That doesn’t sound too bad (i.e. no mention of rats or roaches)… hopefully they’ll get this sorted out soon so Carolyn can get her chaat!

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