Win a Midtown Lunch Walking Tour to Benefit the Street Vendor Project

Every year the Vendy Awards (which are this Saturday!) auction off all sorts of goodies to benefit the Street Vendor Project.  This year they’ve put a few up early on Ebay so you don’t actually have to attend the event to bid (although I still can’t understand why anybody wouldn’t want to attend the biggest street food event of the year… and I’m not just saying that because I’m a judge this year.)  Available now to bid on Ebay… Lunch for Six with Calvin Trillin, Cooking Class for 6 with the Editors of Saveur Magazine, Tickets to “A Razor, A Shiny Knife” Dinner at the New York Wine and Food Festival, a Serious Eats Walking Tour w/ Ed Levine, and a Midtown Lunch Street Eating Tour with Zach Brooks (wait, that’s me!) Apologies to all my cheapos and freeloaders for the high starting bid, but divided among four people it’s not too terrible, it’s tax deductible, and the money goes to a really great cause.


  • Someone brought up Sarah Palin… I don’t know where I read or heard this but she had auctioned off dinner with her, and one of her most outspoken detractors won (I think he bid like $30k or something ridiculous… well ridiculous for an office peon as myself anyway), but she declined his bid and took the next highest bidder who was one of her supporters, lol. Apparently in the fine print it said she reserved the right to disqualify bids by people who didn’t fit certain qualifications… heh.

  • Wow Palin isn’t the dim lightbulb that we all thought? Eh, whatever though. Dinner with her def. isn’t worth 30Gs or anything ridiculous.

  • I rather dinner with Tina Fey… :P

  • trying to get together a group for the Saveur thing… 2 so far including me. lol

  • argh someone bid on it already

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