Win a Midtown Lunch Walking Tour to Benefit the Street Vendor Project

Every year the Vendy Awards (which are this Saturday!) auction off all sorts of goodies to benefit the Street Vendor Project.  This year they’ve put a few up early on Ebay so you don’t actually have to attend the event to bid (although I still can’t understand why anybody wouldn’t want to attend the biggest street food event of the year… and I’m not just saying that because I’m a judge this year.)  Available now to bid on Ebay… Lunch for Six with Calvin Trillin, Cooking Class for 6 with the Editors of Saveur Magazine, Tickets to “A Razor, A Shiny Knife” Dinner at the New York Wine and Food Festival, a Serious Eats Walking Tour w/ Ed Levine, and a Midtown Lunch Street Eating Tour with Zach Brooks (wait, that’s me!) Apologies to all my cheapos and freeloaders for the high starting bid, but divided among four people it’s not too terrible, it’s tax deductible, and the money goes to a really great cause.


  • 400 buck to start?!?! Jeez Zach, get your own friggin’ TV show by now, will ya?!! ;>

  • yeah, I’d love to but I’m saving my hard earned milk money for a new iPod… and the tour would cost more than the iPod.
    i will just stalk Zach for free if i see him with Harry (prince of midtown!).

  • Just kidding… i am Downtown. I would say Hi… but i am not *that* creepy.

  • 400 is definitely too steep for a tour and NO food included? I know it’s for a good cause but 400 translates into 80 halal lunch plates from 53rd/6th, or other fiver halals. I’m not much of a freeloader since I don’t win any free stuff or mooch off of the free offers at all. Chalk one up for cheapskate me though. Too many lunches to be missed…

  • @streetmeasonsumer – I agree it’s expensive but all the food is obviously included.

  • I like that the picture of Zach is outside my office.

    Also, Zach is a rockstar. It’s 400 bucks to SPEND TIME WITH ZACH!

    (also the money is for a good cause HENCE THE CHARITY AUCTION).

  • Cool. Thanks. Wasn’t clear to be (I’m on lunch coma now it seems) if food was included. I know you’re a celebrity now so maybe 400 is for your appearance only and people watch you eat. Haha.

  • If DocChuck wins the auction, who will you hire to be your body double?

  • Adam, are you going to bid 400 to SPEND TIME WITH ZACH then? Okay, I didn’t think so…

  • I will if you outbid me.

  • No thanks, I rather have my 80 plates of halal. HAHA!

  • Sarah Palin has agreed to step in as my body double –although she herself agrees that I am the better looking of the two.

    But you should be aware that Sarah would NOT spring for more than 20 bucks (you understand that she’s a Republican, don’t you?).

    But whatever the outcome, I certainly hope that Zach is able to further the cause of the Street Vendors.

    I think.

  • About the only being who could step in as your body double, DocChuck, is Jabba the Hut

    But in any case, not one person on this planet is a bit concerned about your safety….in fact, no one would be the least bit bothered if you were never seen or heard from again.

    We’re concerned about Zach, given your psychotic and stalker-ish leanings

  • Wow, they lowered it to 300 instead of 400. Good job with the discounting!

    Hmmmm. Still 60 plates of halal though. Yea, the cheapskate in me forbids such a deal.

    I thought about this earlier. You know what might be worth auctioning instead of the walking tour with Zach? A guest judge seat at the next SMP – #3! Now that’s definitely worth more than 400… plus who needs to walk around when all the halal is judged and brought to you all in one place? :P

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    Well there’s an idea, a stupid one but nevertheless an idea and perfectly consistent with having a crappy overpriced nominee in the Vendys solely because someone associated with it judged a prior year.

  • Hey, my idea is definitely better than Dump-ing truck’s nomination. Don’t put those two in the same category. A judge seat at SMP3 is priceless!

  • @SMO3008 – Isn’t your own personal Street Meat Palooza tour, with all the food you can eat, and meeting the vendors, better than being one of 30 judges in SMP3?

  • Well, for me, not really. I can walk around and eat like a fatty on my own. Not big on tours. Especially not if you’re a lazy bum. Plus it’s kinda more meaningful to judge. To each their own I guess. Haha.

  • Well luckily we all wont have to worry about that.

  • Why is lunch at the dosa cart with Calvin Trillin so much more expensive then Levine’s tour? I’d rather hang out with Ed any day.

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