Times Review, New Burger, and Fight With NY Institution is All in a Day’s Work For the Schnitzel Truck

Hot of their mention in the $25 and under column in the NYT, the Schnitzel & Things Truck will introduce their new “Schnitzel Burger” today, and it sounds completely out of control: “A half pound of good quality beef dipped in panko and fried. $7 burger comes with cheese, cukes and scallion relish, mmmm. Or you can always do burger deluxe for $9, and that includes 2 sides. Wowsers.” Wowsers indeed. They were supposed to be interviewed by CBS yesterday (presumably for the Vendy Award thing happening on Friday morning) but that was postponed until today, which is a good thing because according to this blog they got into a fight with Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop over their Flatiron parking space yesterday. Today they’ll be parked on Park Ave. btw. 26+27th.


  • Anyone try the schnitzelburger yet? Or do I have to head over there and take one for the team?

  • @stevenp – they’re already sold out for the day!

  • I work on 48th, but a bunch of us couldn’t resist and headed down to get the schnitz burger. Just in time, apparently.. shortly after we ordered, there was a huge line. Then the guy came out from the truck and took the burger sign down (around 12:30). That was fast.

    Here’s a picture of the result. And man, it’s delicious.


  • AH, next time perhaps. Thanks for saving me a trip! (But I’ll be out for a walk anyway.)

  • I hope the truck has this on Monday when he visits midtown.

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    “Hot of” should be “Hot off”. I am zach’s editor for the day.

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    Did anybody notice this comment from foodluvngal on that blog post:

    “That said, there is an ordinance on the books in NYC which says an outdoor food vendor must be 25 feet away from any store selling like items.”

    Is that true? I wonder how specific ‘like’ has been determined to be?

    And lastly, where should I get lunch today (6th and 51?)

  • If you’re on 6 and 51st, I’d consider:

    - Jamaican Dutch on 51st & 7th
    - Famous Halal Guys on 53rd & 6th
    - Korean BBQ on either 50th or 49th btw 6th & 7th
    - Kosher Oasis on 47th btw 6th & 7th
    - Biryani Cart on 46th btw 6th & 7th

    Obviously all carts. I assume you didn’t want generic midtown deli’s :)

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