Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Attempts Midtown Again… With Sad But Predictable Results


Remember when the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck came to Midtown for one day last October? That didn’t last long. It took them almost a year to try again… but the result ended up being the same. I guess the Mister Softee trucks haven’t completely left for the season yet. *Sigh*  Just another day in Midtown…

Rule #1 of Vendor Fight Club is You Don’t Talk About Vendor Fight Club


  • Damn those Mister Softees hating on Van-Leeuwen. Go fight over the street so the cops ban their behinds too. Ice Cream Truck Death-Match! :P

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    mr. softee cant be everywhere… cant he?

  • who knew Miss Softee was so mean?

  • BOYCOTT ALL LAME SOFTEE TRUCKS! This vendorterrorism cannot be tolerated or condoned!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is INCREDIBLE!

    Why?? Because even a pulp-fiction writer couldn’t make this shit up (well, maybe Stephen King could, but he’s one of those Maine-type liberal guys, you undertand).

    New Yawk City “Mister Softee trucks” and New Yawk City folks who eat that kind of crap, brushing it off as “Just another day in Midtown …”

    And, in Arkansas, folks only get excited when an armadillo gets squashed down on that new gravel road — LOL!

  • I still trust halal meats over roadkill any day of the week. Plus no face to your entree. At least someone scoopsour crap for us, unless you Arkie scoops it off the road yourselves…no service with a smile there.

    And Miss Softee isn’t a crazy cutthroat Mister Softee truck, as far I could tell. I think she’s much classier than that.

  • *At least someone scoops our crap for us, unllike you Arkies scooping it off the road yourselves…no service with a smile there.

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    Did they threaten to look him in a room with Miss Softee, a TV and a Fawlty Towers DVD?b

    Cruel and unusual punishment.

  • the hipster trucks should start a coalition. and then they should label certain other trucks as the axis of evil. and then they should leave the coalition and start a food trucks war. and then…

  • @StreetMeasOnsumer3008:

    I think that when you posted your ‘profile interests’: “Eating, Relaxing, and TV”, you may have forgotten to include: drinkin’ @ smokin’!

    But, HEY, you gotta do what you gotta do to keep your sanity (well, maybe your insanity) in the big city.

    Now, where in the HELL did I put that pot I use to cook (‘saute’ in New Yawk City parlance) armadillo?

  • i don’t know why but DocChuck09’s ID reminds me of this song:
    Hickory Dickory dock,
    The mouse ran up the clock,
    The clock struck one
    The mouse ran down,
    Hickory Dickory dock.

  • These guys need bodyguards clearly…this is ridiculous. I can’t imagine running from a Mr. Softee vendor. Remember, the crminal defense of “self defense” will protect you from these Mr. Softee assualts. Bring a bat, brass knuckles, machete, asp baton (or a licensed firearm) and tell them to fuck off…..I can provide anything but the licensed fire arm….and I’ll show up and happily tell them we can play their game if they wish….while we video tape the whole thing for evidence purposes….

  • I don’t know why either, but the last time a mouse ran up my clock — I ‘sauteed’ the critter.

    Here in the Arkansas trailer park, we waste NOTHING!

    Just ask Louise in Atlanta, sorry, I meant Fred.

  • Upchuck talks a mouthful for a armadillo-eatin’ bumpkin. Have fun. I rather it be just another day in Midtown then another boring-arse day out in the sticks!

    And I can relax without booze. No smoking for me. Maybe all that second-hand from the wifey has gotten to your brain.

  • Drive to destination.
    Hire big guys to hang out for an hour.

    I’ll throw my services into the ring if it gets me free ice cream and a chance to leave my office.

  • I’m so tired of hearing about these gangsta vendors. Zach please start and leave this site for food related items.

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    I love hearing about the vendor battles. Zach, please give us more of that.

  • But then life in New Yawk City would be boring, Zach, and I wouldn’t be able to find something to tease you folks about.

    NO! I say, bring on the vendor battles. The MORE the BETTER!

    In fact, let’s invent some NEW battles! How about the battle to replace your ‘Governor’, Zach.

    That will be interesting, to say the least.

  • 1st rule about vendywars is ya don’t talk about…..

    What next……? driveby at shakeshack?

    Will fiveguys become 4 guys?

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