Onya’s Udon Not Available For Take Out to Ensure Quality

IMG_3809Photo Courtesy of The Eaten Path

Onya Japanese Noodle opened yesterday (on 47th btw. Lex+3rd), and early reports from the forums indicate that they are not doing takeout- only eat in.  It’s assembly line style, but you have to take your food to the back to eat it.  Onya confirms via email that they are not doing takeout right now:

“We are considering it. But in general we do not provide take out for the udon noodles primarily because they are prepared fresh and is meant to be eaten immediately. It’s a quality control policy that is consistent with our Onya restaurants in Japan. That said, I am working on a bento and donburi (rice bowl) menu for take out.

Thanks to James Boo for forwarding along the photo.  He sampled the bukkake udon and curry udon yesterday and will be posting early thoughts later today on his site, The Eaten Path.

Onya is Bringing Real Osaka Udon to the USA on September 14th


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