Onya is Bringing Real Osaka Udon to the USA on September 14th

The news about Onya, the Japanese udon chain owned by Muginoho (the Japanese company that owns Beard Papa) keeps getting more and more exciting.  We reported that they would be moving into the old Cafe Zest space on 47th btw. Lex+3rd back in August, and the more we’re hearing about the place the better it sounds.  According to the owners it will be the first restaurant in New York City to serve freshly-made, authentic udon from Osaka, Japan- going so far as to say that they will do for Osaka udon what Ippudo has done for ramen from Fukuoka.

I guess that means it’s different then the udon served at Udon West (on 46th btw. Lex+3rd).  The description of the restaurant sounds different enough… the first floor will have quick bento lunches in the front, a small dining area in the back, and an open kitchen where you can watch the noodles being cut.  Sit down dining will be available on the 2nd floor.  Even with all that, everything on the menu is well under $10, and looks awesome.  Check it out after the jump…


They’re hoping to soft open on Monday, September 14th with an official grand opening over the following weekend.


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    There should be a lengthy description for bukkake udon.

  • I just threw up in my mouth a little. No bukkake for me.

  • I wonder if the bukkake udon will be served during the soft opening??

  • I am really hoping that bukkake has multiple meanings. Pun intended.

  • I hope this is as good as it sounds. Less than two blocks from my office, it could become a weekly staple…

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    Did ya get any Onya?

  • bukkake means to pour

    bukkake udon is cold udon where you pour a cold soup over it.

  • i could use some of that now… DAMN bronchitis!

  • hate to be a killjoy but:

    “Bukkake is the noun form of the Japanese verb bukkakeru (ぶっ掛ける, to dash or splash water),[8] and means “To dash”, “splash” or “heavy splash”. The word bukkake is often used in Japanese to describe pouring out water with sufficient momentum to cause splashing or spilling. … [Bukkake] is used in Japan to describe a type of dish where the broth is poured on top of noodles, as in bukkake-udon and bukkake-soba.”

    also, looks like this place is serving bukkake udon with hot and cold soup.

    housemade handcut noodles for $4 in midtown? has to be introductory pricing. regardless, can’t wait to try this place.

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