Free Veggie Goodburger Alert

via Twitter: From 11am to Noon Goodburger will be giving out free Organic Veggie Burgers at all their locations.  It’s a “while supplies last” situation, and eat in only (no takeout or delivery) so it looks like it’s going to be an early lunch for all you vegetarian freeloaders. Goodburger has 3 Midtown locations (Lex & 54th, 45th btw. 5+6th, and 43rd & 2nd Ave.)


  • What does “eat-in only, no takeout” mean? They won’t permit you to walk out with your food? Sounds to me like it’s not a whole veggie burger, rather a piece of one on a toothpick or something.

  • I’m guessing it means they won’t package it up in a bag for you… (bags cost money)

  • You can have the burger to go, they just meant no deliveries. I went, got my free full size veggie burger with the works, and had it to go. Only ten minutes left… Run!

  • I’ve been a commenter here for some time so know this is no shill. But I went downstairs and got my free veg burger and it was completely inexplicably one of the more enjoyable things I’ve eaten in the area. I’ll probably lose all credibility for such a statement, but like most things it probably had to do with expectations, which weren’t very high at all. I did put BBQ and hot sauce on it which would make anything taste good but it served as quite a nice vehicle.

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