NYC Cravings Makes Thursday a Midtown Day


It looks like the NYC Cravings Truck is changing up their schedule a bit. Their Friday spot (on 53rd btw. Lex+Park) is now their Thursday spot, and Wednesdays and Fridays are now open (check their twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker to find out where they’ll be.) Mondays is still 45th & 6th. (And don’t forget about their off the menu porken special!)


  • Cool. If the line isn’t gazillion people long, then I will try to hit them up.

  • Just came back from there and it wasn’t. The porken is a no-brainer, totally worth it. The line probably grew by 5 peeps as I typed this, though…

  • I just got back from there too. The line was just starting up behind me. Only 4 of us when I got there.
    Porken too. Nobody in front of me ordered it. Oh well. In fact, the dude in front of me wanted a fish cake with his order and paid $4 just for it. 11 bucks for lunch. Hell no.

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    Disappointed in cravings today — I was there a little before 1:30pm, and the truck was still serving, but they had run out of rice and chicken. Couldn’t this have been announced on Twitter? OK, I’ll take just the pork chop since they’re discounting it, and will try the pudding as well.

    I’d had the chicken before and liked it, but today’s pork chop was slightly tough and just generally uninspiring and difficult to deal with. They also gave only two bites’ worth of cabbage. And the “pudding” is basically Jello — the non-pudding kind of Jello. I don’t think I’ll bother with the 10 minute walk from my office again; they’re not worth it.

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