Saw This Coming From a Mile Away

As predicted, this just in from the Schnitzel Truck’s Twitter feed: “We parked on corner of 41st and 6th but immediate problems with halal guys!! Come and show support! We won’t stand for this bullying!!”


  • Cops just asked them to leave and they had to kick everyone out of line. Luckily, I got my order in just in time. They said they’re going to find another spot close by. It looks like the Verizon store called the cops. I can’t be certain, but two employees were standing there watching the outcome when the cops showed up. Not cool Verizon.

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    Just keep a video camera in the truck. When the neighbors come knocking, stick it in their faces and tell them to F off. There were 20 people in line at the truck and 3 at the hallal cart across the street, if thats the trouble maker.

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    Were they illegally parked? I didn’t think cops could move you because the Verizon douches whined about how good your food smells.

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    When I walked past at 1:30ish, I saw someone who I think was the guy from the Mr. Softee truck on the corner talking to two cops in front of the Schnitzel Truck. I didn’t have time to stick around and find out what was going to happen, but I had a bad feeling…

  • OK, I’m changing my peaceful non-profit organization to the ML Task Force…we will walk around with bats and hockey sticks and beat the shit out of the “bully” carts (including that annoying Greek woman)…Whose with me?

  • flatrock: they were not parked illegally. My coworkers and I were looking around for some sign but all of them said 3 hour limit, and they were only there for an hour.

    cardy: softee truck had to move too, both left.

    tyler: IN.

  • @formz – actually, that’s the dirty little secret of street vending in NYC. Most spots are illegal for trucks that vend on the street (rules are different for carts parked on the sidewalk.) It’s just a matter of if and when the cops decide to enforce the rules…

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    @Formz: Thanks. I feel a little better that Mr. Softee was getting the same treatment as the Schnitzel guys, and not ratting them out.

  • @Zach really?!? Thats too bad. I didn’t know that.

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    just cause the verizon guys were outside doesnt mean they did anything

    i mean there was a video of a fight so maybe they wanted to see if another fight was going to start?

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