Taiwanese Fried Chicken is Back?

After missing two Midtown days in the shop the NYC Cravings Truck is back, and to make up for it they are attempting to park on 48th & 6th. Awhile back Jiannetto’s tried parking on that block, and lasted a day or two before being chased away by building security. You might want to follow their Twitter before heading out.


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    I like the concept of this truck, but the execution is lacking. They would do Taiwanese cuisine proud by offering a “3 cup chicken” over rice dish rather than fried chicken on rice with pork fat.

  • You say that like pork fat is a bad thing!

  • 3 cup chicken would take getting use to and wouldn’t gather the same amount of profit. Fried chicken leg/ pork chops is definitely an easier seller.
    MmMm pork fat. If anything, bacon grease instead please. *drools*

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