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Have you checked the ML Twitter Tracker yet this morning?  If you had, you’d know this (plus more): La Cense Burger Truck and the Cupcake Stop Truck are both in Midtown today, and the Steak Truck is serving a chicken cheesesteak hero with spinach dip (!?!) for $3.99 today.


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    Big up to Twitter Tracker for letting me know Cravings is on 48th today. When I went there were only a few people in line, including some first-timers. Wonder how many people have gone to 45th without seeing Cravings for 2 straight weeks, wondering what’s going on.

  • I’m bummed. I would have gone to the cravings truck as I’m ormally I’m on 50th, but today I had to be on 55th st. Gonna try the fried chicken cart on 55th instead though.

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