At Some Street Carts White Sauce Equals Mayo

14For those of you in denial (our Happy Hour Correspondent Mamacita for one) here is proof that not only does the “white sauce” from your favorite street meat often contain mayo, but sometimes it’s just mayo: “I was just at the Steak Truck (on 47th and Park) and the guy in front of me ordered a combo over rice with white sauce and hot sauce. He got served his food with the typical squeeze from a white bottle and red bottle. But here’s the interesting part: when I then asked for ketchup and mayo on my burger, the Steak Truck guy pulled out the SAME white bottle he had used for the halal combo and spritzed my burger with it. Proof that white sauce = watered down mayo at a lot of truck and carts. -Will (aka Lunch’er WaitingForBajaFresh)”.  Once again I’m going to file this under things I wish I didn’t know.

“White Sauce” Has What In It?!?!


  • @adamprato, sorry I wasn’t clear. I meant that a vendor could buy a pallet of mayo at a bulk food store and have it sitting around for months, unopened and stored at room temperature, while if he bought dairy like yogurt or sour cream, it has to be stored refrigerated when and (hopefully) used by the expiration date.

  • I just went to try out the Combo platter from the Steak Truck and a woman i front of me asked the vendor what was in the white sauce. His response was, “mayo and other stuff”. But on a different note, that was easily the worst street meat platter I’ve ever had. Unforgiveably dry chiken, tasteless lamb, bland rice, soggy waffle fries and cold falafel. All you can taste is pepper; everything is covered in it. I’m still washing the pepper taste out of my mouth. I don’t know what the Street Meat Palooz-a judges were thinking. I’m hoping it was just a bad day at the cart…

  • IDUMS – I rated the steak truck pretty low as well. I had the felafel from SMP2, and I regretted it.

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    hello. well, i.m sorry that u dont like our chkn& lamb gyro which we sold out comletly in every day last week,i and most of us believe that nothing can be loved by 100% of the poeple,we try hard to please most customers, and sorry for who we cannot…i wish if i can please 100%
    but wen give all the time poeple if they request to taste spcialy chkn or gyro before when they buy, i dont want u to waist ur money if u r not gonna enjoy it i.m sorry u and all of us work hard for the money and we try to get most of our dollar, but ,@ the some time,plz dont compare us with 20.00 dishe, bacuase we try to combine of quality, qantity and price, and is not eazy thing to do, i believe who can search this site is smart enough to figure all this.

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    hi again, the white sauce,question that sometime few of our consumers sometime they want the recipe for it, which absoluty not fair if i dont give it to u, u have to try to revenge this way,is fact , do u go to every cart & ask them how they make their suace,or how they marinated their chkn .
    i.m sur that readers in this site is smart enough to figure the cost in everything they order,
    we have poeple who ask us who much the chkn and rice, than after they heard 5.00. than they ask , do u have tabasco sauce…the tabasco suace 1oz bottle it cast almst 3.00 which lot of our custmer sometimes need almsot double of that…this when it come nonsense ,they want to take more value than what they i.m here to serve the majority of the poeples who work hard and try to get most of their dollars and support my living as well , not the exceptions who thank i will pay 10.00 for his plate to get 5.00 from him.

  • Steak Truck I’m on your side. I liked your chicken/lamb and rice… but I’ve rarely seen a combo I didn’t like. Also your pricing is very fair. Don’t take the comments here to heart. People love to complain about everything, that’s how anonymous blogs like this work most of the time.

  • @steaktruck: Although I’m not a fan of the random felafel that seems like it was orphaned from someone else’s order, I can honestly say that for the price and for what you get, Steak Truck is good enough to compete with the other halal carts. For me though, it’s low on my list of carts to go to for chicken & lamb, but I’d surely go for any of the other items on the cart.

    One more thing: Someone in the forums was looking for a pastrami topped burger. Perhaps you could add that to your menu and gain a new following of lunchers :)

  • I second a pastrami topped burger. You would get a dedicated following with a burger like that.

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