“White Sauce” Has What In It?!?!

From the comments of the Street Meat Palooza cart round up post: “This article claims the XPL white sauce is mayonnaise based. Could someone confirm this? I’m a huge fan of the yogurt sauce and the thought of mayo on my lamb makes me shudder.”  Uh, if mayo creeps you out, you should probably stay away from most white sauce at carts.  Ditto for spicy tuna rolls.


  • boo frequents XPL and is also deathly terrified of mayonnaise, but when i told him about the white sauce, he said a mayo base is definitely better than cottage cheese or sour cream. i guess he has a point?

  • Who or what is “boo”?

  • I eat that white sauce all the time and I never get sick. I don’t think all of them have mayo in it, but then again, this is New York. You’ve probably eaten worse already and not even known it.

  • ahahaha. if you’d prefer i can refer to him as the man i live in sin with.

  • Yes please, that sounds much spicier than ‘boo’ ;) but what do I know? For anonymity’s sake, I refer to BF as… BF. Creative, no?

    Also, to your commenter, Zach, if they have been eating the white sauce all this time and like it, who cares what’s in it? If you say “I don’t like mayo” and then eat something and LIKE it, and then later find out there’s OMG mayo in it… obviously you like THIS incarnation of mayo, no?

    PS Prices will be going up! Mayo has eggs in it! And from my extremely limited experience with white sauce thusfar, there is rarely mayo in it or very, very little, diluted with a lot of other stuff, since the viscosity is not thick/creamy enough for it to be mayo in large doses.

  • I just always assumed the white sauce was mayo based because it tastes like it

  • @Yvo: I’m totally with you. If you ate it and liked it without knowing its ingredients, then you might need to cop to at least liking a “version” of mayo. I have a friend who swears she hates mayo, but gets extra dynamite sauce on the side to dip her spicy tuna rolls in.


    but I can live with it if I can’t tell it’s in there. That said, Carnegie John’s has the only real yogurt based sauce. All the other carts just taste watery and oily.

  • rmcb: hilarious! and agreed about the spicy tuna rolls, i suspect people have visual and textural problems with mayo that a little spice and dilution mask in their minds. my guy also freaks over expiration dates, so you know i rearrange cartons in the fridge just to test his conviction. mwuahahaha.

  • Try making “yogurt sauce” (tsatziki), and you’ll quickly realize that its not like “white sauce” from the carts.

    There may be yogurt in the white sauce, but it’s not quite the same as tsatziki.

  • I’ve heard a cart operator ask a Spanish-speaking customer if he’d like “mayonesa” on his platter before, and I’ve doctored up a mayo-based sauce at home that is somewhat similar to Rafiqi’s white sauce, so it wouldn’t surprise me. White sauce is an oil emulsion, which makes it at least superficially to mayonnaise (as well as green onion dip and Cool Whip).

    Can’t think of a cart I’ve been to where the white sauce has ever had the signature tang of a yogurt-based sauce.

  • IT’s Yogurt ………….. at least it is here………….it has a kick to it……..and maybe vinegar….maybe those little green bits are capers?….and the heat…well thats gotta be chilli extract.

    Or it could just be Pigeon shit.

  • I can’t believe more people didn’t realize this already. It’s pretty obvious. There’s also MSG in a lot more things than you think – and the spicy mayo they use to make Spicy tuna.salmon rolls, etc… is a perfect example. I think a lot of people react like they are hyper-sensitive to things once they know they are in there because they are psychologically tune in to think certain things are “bad”- even they’ve eaten them for years in ignorance and been fine.

    The Japanese, by the way, LOVE mayo.

  • For all of these comments about “white sauce”, does anyone have a good recipe for it beyond what turns up for google of “tsatziki recipe” (for example, alton brown’s recipe).

  • Hey, the Kwik Cart is missing from 45th and 6th today — does anybody know if theyr’e on vacation? Maybe they’re making more white sauce.

  • Making white sauce can lead to hairy palms and make you blind boys.

  • Depending on how deep I am in the doghouse, my other half may alternately be referred to as (from shallow to deep): “the wife,” my constructive/common-law wife, my fiancee, my better half, my other half, my SO, my girlfriend, my not-so-SO, my roommate, or “that person I see every morning who doesn’t talk to me”

  • Mamacita is making horny.

  • the 53rd and 6th cart that everyone loves…was interviewd by someone i knoq…and the guy wouldnt say what sin teh white sauce but its ALOT of mayonaise. 50% or more anyway.
    happy artery clogging!

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