Deja Vu? Yushi Wants to Give You Free Lunch From Their New Coneveyor Belt

new conveyor belt

Here we go again! Remember when Yushi (on 47th btw. Park+Lex) first launched their lunchtime conveyor belt, and gave away free lunch to a few lucky Midtown Lunchers? Well now that they’ve reconfigured their conveyor belt to be completely refrigerated they want to give free food away to ten more Midtown Lunch’ers. To win, all you have to do is comment below with the reasons why you should be chosen. 10 winners will be randomly selected in a drawing this Friday (7/17) at 3pm, and will get to have lunch at Yushi’s new conveyor belt one day next week with a friend. (Each winner and their guest will get a free drink and any four plates off the conveyor belt- probably because the previous winners pigged out too much!) Good luck! (No matter how many times you comment, your name will only be entered once in the drawing.)


  • 1- been a ML follower for a really really long time
    2- very picky about sushi
    3- times are tough. It would be nice to not have to
    pay for lunch (or most of it I should say)
    4- Can spread the world via viral marketing to drive
    business to Yushi if it is good
    5- Styx is the greatest rock band of all time

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    Conveyor belt sushi is AWESOME. Sushi sushi sushi sushi sushi sushi sushi sushi sushi sushi sushi sushi sushi sushi ROLL (to the llama llmma song)

  • I rarely ever go out to lunch and eat at my desk every day. It would be nice to go out for lunch.

    I also didn’t really enjoy sushi before since I think its a “blander” food. I recently started to LOVE sushi.

    And most importantly…I LOVE food – its what makes me happy ! :)

  • pick me! 私は寿司を愛する!

  • I shall justify my entry in a random selection thusly:

    I work a block away, my voicings on food hold much sway, and my softball team got mercy ruled in the first inning when yesterday we did play.

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    i should be chosen b/c i’m really tiny and the 4 plates will fill me up and i’ll be satisfied beyond belief

  • Pick me because I’m awesome?!?

  • Pick Wayne ,Mama and Goats……..for the sexual tension…and maybe fressa as a goodbye pressie….not me…sushi?..nahhh.

  • oh wait… if the lunch is next week the i cant. i’ll be on vacation. craps!

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    I like to eat, why not have some assembly line sushi? Wit should not be requirement for free food, hands out, open wide should suffice. I digress.

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    Pick me because you want to randomly select me.

  • I’m the token black ML’er so it would look good in the photos…

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    I’ve just had such a very bad morning, and I am so very broke that I’ve had to bring in lunch from home for weeks and weeks, and I would be so happy to leave my office and go with a friend out to get lunch that wasn’t made of leftovers made by me!

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    I’m allergic to everything but free sushi.

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    Throwing my name in the hat because:
    1. I don’t especially like sushi so I wouldn’t try it if I had to pay.
    2. My friend (who’ll be the guest) absolutely loves sushi and would owe me for the free meal.

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    Sushi + conveyer belt + free= 1 laugh out loud midtown lunch.

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    Free su-she=Happy he

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    I need this, I think next week my company is about start passing around a collection plate

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    Free food, i’m there.

  • I want to participate because:

    1) I’ll never be selected based on a popularity contest here — StreetMeatPaloozaII :^( — so a random pick is my best chance.

    2) I like good sushi and could give some good feedback on the experience.

    3) It’s free and sounds fun.

    4) I am always looking for an excuse to head into Midtown for food.

    5) I’d like to meet a few fellow freakshows who post on this blog.