Deja Vu? Yushi Wants to Give You Free Lunch From Their New Coneveyor Belt

new conveyor belt

Here we go again! Remember when Yushi (on 47th btw. Park+Lex) first launched their lunchtime conveyor belt, and gave away free lunch to a few lucky Midtown Lunchers? Well now that they’ve reconfigured their conveyor belt to be completely refrigerated they want to give free food away to ten more Midtown Lunch’ers. To win, all you have to do is comment below with the reasons why you should be chosen. 10 winners will be randomly selected in a drawing this Friday (7/17) at 3pm, and will get to have lunch at Yushi’s new conveyor belt one day next week with a friend. (Each winner and their guest will get a free drink and any four plates off the conveyor belt- probably because the previous winners pigged out too much!) Good luck! (No matter how many times you comment, your name will only be entered once in the drawing.)


  • I hope the fact that I won the last time, and ate 100+ dollars of Yushi food, will not knock me out… Though it seems like my guest and myself might be one of the reasons for the 1 drink/4 dish Maximum!!! Anyway, choose me, as A. I can compare from the last time. B. 4 dishes from Yushi are a good Appetizer, so I can go to a SECOND free lunch if needed C. I am a nice guy who Karma has often screwed and is so deserving of free sushi.

  • I am so in! I am a downtown luncher but the train is my friend. I am dying to try this place and I have just the person to accompany. I think I would be an ideal candidate because aside from my love of good food, I am an excellent critic.
    Pick me! pick me!

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    Pick me! I work in the building upstairs so I can come back again and again … plus I owe a friend a sushi lunch, so what’s better than a free one?

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    Nothing says happiness like sushi and a conveyor belt. I can’t wait to check it out

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    Not only do I want to eat at Yushi, but I want to wear one of their food containers as a hat.

  • They so have us pegged! 4 plates, choose wisely winners!

  • I hope this comment is sufficiently clever to be chosen randomly for a free lunch.

    Also my mercury level is low?

  • I should be randomly selected because I discovered the “sushi high” – not to be confused with food comas, orgasms, or MDMA. As such a incredible gastronomic explorer, I would be a worthy representative of ML.

  • With my hearty appettite and deep pockets, I am likely to PAY for an additional 8 plates. You definitely want to pick me!

  • Oh yeah, and did I mnention I like to get wasted during the day? I will definitely take down some beers as well.

  • As someone who has ventured the automatic sushi bars in Philadelphia, Seattle, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nikko, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and on and on and on, I would like to get the chance to taste the sushi from the first-ever automatic sushi bar in NYC that I have ever heard and seen.

    (PLEASEPICKMEkthx :) )

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    refrigerated moving mechanisms fascinate me.

  • I’m down. Why I should be chosen? Like everyone else, it’s FREE food and cannot pass up on the opportunity to win a spot.

    Can we ride the conveyor belt as we look for our 4 choices?

  • My coworkers(4 girls) and I are all sushi and Japanese food freaks and are always looking for a new Japanese restaurant that serves good food with an interesting atmosphere. This place sounds like a perfect spot. If we like the place, we will be coming back again and again and again so you should pick me and let me try out your place!!!

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    I should be chosen because I’ll sit at that conveyor belt until they drag me out with mercury poisoning.

    Can’t wait to try!

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    HAHA, I love how mkim1206 has to bring up the fact that she’ll be rolling with 4 GIRLS. It is amazing how even on an internet food blog comment section, females still try to manipulate things in their favor by appealing to the desires of men in charge of doling out resources.

  • I would like to go with a friend because I really need a FREE lunch. My workweek just got cutback and I would love to save a few dollars… Plus I’ll twitter favorable things about the restaurant and include @midtownlunch favorable remarks in my tweets as well. (desperate times demand desperate measures)

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    i love free stuff and conveyor belts. pick me pls.

  • i heart sushi

  • and also my avatar is a picture of a cat playing a keyboard – how can you not pick me?