2 Bros Pizza Finally Adds $1 Fried Chicken


When the new, just out of bounds, location of 2 Bros Pizza opened on 9th Ave. & 40th Street in April, lunchers immediately started wondering if and when they’d be adding the popular $1 fried chicken pieces that are served at their St. Marks location Chelsea location on 17th & 6th Ave.  Don’t know when it happened, but the $1 fried chicken has finally been added to the menu- along with french fries, rice, and a few other steam tables items.

Taking on 99 Cent Fresh Pizza, just one block away, was an interesting decision… but taking on Piece of Chicken (on 45th btw. 8+9th)?  Well, that’s downright nutty.

$1 Slice Alert: St. Marks’ 2 Bros. Pizza is Officially Open


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