Talent Thai Kitchen Brings Khao Soi to Midtown

Untitled-6I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not, but two days ago we were having a conversation in the ML forums about where to find good khao soi (a noodle dish that is popular in Chiang Mai, Thailand), and then yesterday I got an email about Talent Thai Kitchen- a newish Thai place on 34th btw. 2+3rd that specializes in “Northern Thai Noodle Soups… like khao soi.”  It’s technically outside the Midtown Lunch boundaries, but their lunch specials are only $7.95 and I will go an extra 1/2 an avenue to get my khao soi on. If it looks anything like the photo of khao soi after the jump, you will see a very happy Zach.

Kuaw Soi, Chang Mai Night Market, Thailand
Khao Soi I had in the Chiang Mai Night Market in Thailand

Want to read more about khao soi?  Check out this amazing blog by a friend of mine who moved from New York to Thailand.

Anybody been to this Talent Thai Kitchen?  Early adopters, feel free to comment below.

Talent Thai Kitchen, 210 E. 34th Street (btw. 2+3rd), 212-725-8888


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