Sushi! by Bento Nouveau is Not as Good as Woorijip

Photos courtesy of Food in Mouth

I’ve always wanted to try that Bento Nouveau place (on 39th and Broadway), but after reading this review on Food in Mouth I might pass.  They have inexpensive pre-made sushi and udon noodle soups, but Danny went for the beef sukiyaki, which doesn’t look too appetizing- and that’s saying a lot because his photography usually makes the ugliest food look great. Overriding theme of the post: you’re better off going to Woorijip (on 32nd btw. 5+B’way.)

Anybody else eaten at this place?  If there is anything worth trying, post about it in the comments.


  • Despite being a stone’s throw from the office, everyone here goes to Cafe Zaiya or 32nd St for better portions/taste of this kind of food if they want it good or the dreaded Cafe Duke if they are lazy & uninspired. Sushi Nouveau charges higher prices for Duke-type quality so they don’t get much traction. i.e. Don’t waste your time.

  • I’m picky about where I get takeout sushi, but I always thought Nouveau had the best sushi around that area if you just want something quick (plus they have brown rice rolls for you “healthy” types). Never tried the bento boxes and I thought their udon was nothing special.

  • I’ve only tried their chicken teriyaki, which was disappointing because they reheat it in a microwave.

  • walked past this place way too many times and decided after seeing this, it is time to check it out. Had the Eel Plate for lunch which consisted of sticky rice, salad with ginger dressing, two nice sized pieces of broiled eel (reheated in microwave/convection oven) and that sauce that seems to always be squirted on top of eel or rolls made with eel. For $6.35 plus a can of soda for $1.06, it was not all that bad considering what $8.35 can buy you. I sat and ate there and found it not bad for a quick lunch stop. Would I go there again. Yes. Would I seek it out? No. Sure, I could have went to the spanish/indian/deli/newstand place or 6th or big bowl or woshaku or a number of other places and got a good lunch for about the same price but Still, for the price of a quick sit down at 1:30PM, it looked to be all fresh and my lunch was made right in front of me. One note worth mentioning is for anyone who craves Pocky or shrimp chips or wassabi or sesame flavord snacks, there ais a fair amount of japanese type of treats in there for after lunch and you will still probably come out under $10!

  • I eat there every other day. I work in that building. Pretty good tho. Expensive, but good enough.

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    it’s alright for supermarket-quality sushi. the other stuff (udon soup, rice dishes) is on par with Cafe Duke (read: equivalent to instant ramen / microwaved frozen food)

    so not terrible, but definitely not that great either. Cafe Zaiya is so much better.

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