Midtown Links (The “Baby Wants Burger” Edition)

Contemplating the line at the La Cense Burger Truck on Thursday

  • Here’s confirmation of what we reported on Wednesday. Xie Xie will not open this weekend. [Eater]
  • Joe The Art of Coffee is now serving blueberry doughnuts from Doughnut Plant [Blondie and Brownie]
  • Woorijip is now selling a bulgogi and kimchee wrap! [Fressagirl]
  • Quiznos is commenting on the VV blog, and Sietsema is pissed! [Fork in the Road]
  • Make sure you’re actually on 53rd and 6th when ordering that late night lamb over rice! [Serious Eats]
  • Mangia’s Pizza Campo is a satisfying and affordable lunch [Examiner]
  • The Hawaiian BBQ at Osaka is good and cheap [BLD Project]
  • Nothing to do with Midtown… but you should go to the Un-Fancy Food Show on Sunday.  It’s awesome. [Brooklyn Based]


  • Harry is actually turning into Winston Churchill.

  • @Rudy: “I’m Winston Curchill. Ooh. Would you like some tea? I would, because I’m Winston Churchill. Would you like a crumpet? I would, because I’m Winston Churchill. Would you like to wear knickers? I would, because I’m Winston Churchill.”

  • The kid is wise. Why wait online for the pricey burger? lol. At least it seeemed like it was worth a try though.

  • Winston Churchill? The only thing I could say good about that OLD British fart was that he smoked cigars, but in moderation — only one at a time (just as Samuel did).

    But don’t let a kid that cute eat from a frickin’ truck for gawd’s sake! And don’t take him to Five Guys either (although 5Gs are hometown boys here in Maryland — most of us natives ignore them).

    HELL! With YOUR bucks, fly him out to the land of fruits and nuts and treat the cutie to an In ‘N Out animal style dinner.

    You will thank me for this advice someday in the future.

  • No one wants or needs your advice, DocChuck, and the only thing anyone will ever thank you for is your absence

  • Yeah, Rudy, I think maybe you are a lot like Winston Churchill — just like “Fred” is a lot like “therealchiffonade” LOL!

  • Chucky the Hutt.

  • I think Dean Wermer could just as easily have been talking to DocChuck when he noted “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son”