Xie Xie Looks Good, But Probably Won’t Open This Week


I know Xie Xie, the newest Asian sandwich place from Angelo Sosa, is technically outside the Midtown Lunch boundaries- but the menu that Grub Street posted this week looks pretty amazing. And if it’s as good as Baoguette (on Lex btw. 25+26th) or Num Pang (in Union Square), it will be well worth walking the extra one avenue (to 9th and 45th Street).  According to Eater they plan on being open by the end of the week, but from the looks of things today I can’t see how that’s possible (unless they don’t need to wait for city approval once construction is done.)  Also mentioned in Eater’s earlier post, but something I didn’t originally pick up on, is that technically the sandwich place is part of Zanzibar (blech… not a fan.)  But all will be forgiven if the sandwiches are as amazing as they sound.


  • Xie Xie is the goofiest name for an eatery. “Thank You” in Chinese is not a title for a business.

  • eh, at least they didnt name it, ‘mh goi’.

    I have very low expectations for this place… hyped up opening, Hells Kitchen location, and relatively expensive sandwiches? Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

  • @chris – I thought the same thing about Num Pang, but then *loved* it. That’s why I’m holding out a little bit of hope…

  • I agree about the looks of things, Zach, and from what I was told today, this week isn’t in the cards.

  • Nothing wrong with Xie Xie, except a lot of non-Mandarin speaking people pronounce it wrong. :P
    WOuld you rather it be “welcome”? Huan Ying in Mand or Foon Ying in Cant. At least Xie Xie doesn’t sound like a chinese restaurant. If anything, the XX might want me to see if there’s a chinese version of the “Most Interesting Man in the World.” Dos Equis. lol.

    The cheapskate in me knows that overpriced sandwiches just won’t do. Maybe a once in a blue moon like street meat is too nauseating type of day. Haha.

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