Mario Batali Announced (and Pulled Out) as Vendy Judge (Plus Another Way into Street Meat Palooza)

Could this year’s Vendy Awards get any better?  Not only did I sucker them into letting me be a judge, now I get to do it alongside Mario Batali!  That of course is in addition to Jaques Torres, Pichet Ong, and citizen judge (and profiled Midtown Luncher) Mina Fasolo.  And you still have time to nominate your favorite cart. PLUS as an added bonus, anybody who buys tickets to the Vendy Awards before Friday at Midnight will be entered in a raffle for an invite to Street-Meat-Palooza, happening next week. (Don’t worry if you’ve already purchased tickets, you’ll be entered as well.)  So if you haven’t bought your tickets to this year’s Vendys, here are another two reasons to get on that!  (The third reason being, it’s definitely going to sell out.) [Vendy Awards Site]

UPDATE: Mario has pulled out as a judge, due to an “unexpected conflict”


  • Zach, to bring this whole thing full circle, you need to now get a ‘name’ judge to Street Meat Palooza. A Batali, a Sietsema, a Grimes, etc. This could be the one that catapults you to the big time. (Not the cheesy food blogger big time, you’re already there – I mean the REAL big time). I see your disheveled fat ass sitting at the table on Iron Chef America or pontificating on your very own reality series, Street Meat Manifesto: Confessions of a Buffet Addict. Yes, I’m talking Zach goes Hollywood.

    just please remember us little people

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    Ok, I bought my Vendy ticket – now I want to win the invite to SMP 2

  • I agree with Wayne. Remember the snarky commenters/cheapskate eaters who helped catapult you to the top.

  • so they’re letting you all in their base? i don’t see how you can verify which one of us has already bought tickets unless we’ve already told you. hmmm

    also, please keep me out of the hat. i will be in vietnam for the next 3 weeks. and knowing my luck, i’ll probably win anyway and won’t be able to show up. k thanks

  • I hate Batali with a passion….Comic book store guy!!

    Shuffling around in his 52 inch shorts and jesus boots.

  • Yeah… I only suggested him for the palooza so I could give him an atomic wedgie

    but you just know that pony-tailed hippie goes commando

  • lol you can go on Iron Chef America and talk about the pea-ness of a dish *innocent smile

  • i hate karine bahkoum and her inability to appreciate food.

  • oops offtopic. going to forum. um sucks that batali is pulling out?! weak. but i’ve read some of his interviews and transcripts of chats with tony bourdain and i think he’s a snake anyway.

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