You Broke My Heart Mario

From the Vendy Award website: “We just received the sad news that Mario Batali has an unexpected conflict and can’t be part of this year’s Vendys – but hopes to join us next year. We will keep you posted as we get more information.” The Street Meat Palooza 2 deal still stands, though.


  • Haha. I like the play sushi Super Mario flash game ad while seeing this entry. A not so super Mario in this case. Maybe he has another Iron Chef gig going on?

    Not that I like him (probably more than Mario though)but how come Bobby Flay don’t put up his palate for Vendy’s. He’s gotten enough tips from Jamaican Dutchy and Kwik Meal, and threwdown with Dessert truck to respect the street vendors.

  • Nooooooooooo!!!!! :-(

  • Coincidence? I think not

    He no doubt took my atomic wedgie threat seriously…and for good reason

    I’ll get you another time Batali… when you least expect it, your tighty whitey waistband will go past that ponytail and over your head… riiiiiiipppppp

  • Not that I’m going anyway. I never could figure out the appeal of Batali. Both times I went to his restaurants I was sorely disappointed. He seems like a nice guy though (though he was a dick to some kid on one of those reality shows he did on food network).

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