Midtown Links (The “I Will House That Schnitzel” Edition)

My kid eyeballing lunch at Kosher Deluxe (on 46th btw. 5+6th)

  • Your first look at the new Port Authority Greenmarket [Diner's Journal]
  • A few of the best scones in NYC can be found in Midtown [Dessert Buzz]
  • How to get lunch from Whole Foods for under $7 [BLD Project]
  • Not everybody loves Margon!? [Latinfoodie]
  • KFC Is getting sued over their free grilled chicken promotion [TMZ via Eater]
  • Your first look at the Southwest/’wichcraft “porch” in Bryant Park [Elaine Perlov]
  • Slashfood is the latest blog to jump on the street food coverage bandwagon [Slashfood]


  • LatinFoodie, has her head up her unmentionables. How long has she lived in NY? everyone knows there is no real authentic Cuban food. It’s all just latin food. Mostly Dominican, mostly a mix of a lot of areas (aka caribbean inspired oxtail is on the menu and damn delicious). I would never claim Margon is authentic cuban food, but they get that latin flavor right and sometimes that’s all you can hope for. ESPECIALLY at the under $10 price. They are cheap and good. Sounds like her expectations were aiming for something completely different.

  • Mama’s mad…wayne get her drunk!!!

  • Haha. Rice cereal and carrots definitely can’t top schnitzel. He looks ready to pounce on Zach’s schnitzel on pita.

  • Fridays are awesome because of the Harry Pics!

  • I can’t figure out how you get such awesome expressions in your pics of the baby… he is just to die for adorable <333

  • A latina who doesn’t like a latin restaurant? That’s as rare as an Italian-American not liking Patsy’s or an South Asian not liking Minar or the Biryani Cart :)

  • Haha, Harry’s look is so priceless!


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    That kid is going to be in therapy for years! All that trauma of having to watch his dad dangle awesome food in front of him!

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