9th Ave Two Boots Open; Free Pizza Tomorrow Night

The new, just out of bounds, Two Boots on 9th Ave (btw. 44+45th) is now open, which is great news for all the folks in Midtown West who really miss the now shuttered Rock Center Location. Even though they are already open, the official “Grand Opening” party is tomorrow night (6/18), with music and free pizza from 6-8pm.

First Look: Lebowski’s Two Boots is 2-3 Weeks Away


  • Hooray for free pizza! *drools*

  • had the po’boy sandwich yesterday. It’s not fried, which is good calorically, but bad culinarily. The remoulade, needs to be zestier as did the slaw. It was ok for the ~$8. They dont list the slice prices. I wish them well with 4 pizzerias w/i a few blocks of them. Lazarra may have to further drop prices now.

  • mmmm! Free Pizza

  • free is free, so i feel bad complaining, but it was only a sliver (maybe 1/3 slice) of pizza (at least it was at 7:45). i did manage to score sausage, and teany was being distributed gratis, too.

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