First Look: Lebowski’s Two Boots is 2-3 Weeks Away

“The Dude abides.”

For those who mourned the loss of Two Boots inside the Rock Center concourse, its replacement is finally opening in the next few weeks on 9th Ave. btw. 44+45th.  Sure, it’s outside the official Midtown Lunch boundaries, and most of you are probably closer to the Grand Central Terminal food court (which still has their Two Boots)- but this is a full Two Boots location, complete with artwork that has become a staple of all the non-food court Two Boots locations. (And as a fan of New Orleans, and the Big Lewbowski I most definitely approve.)

Your first look at the newly painted windows, is after the jump…





Two Boots isn’t what anybody would call authentic pizza, and it’s on the pricey side, but they’ve got some really great topping combos, and will probably do really well in Hell’s Kitchen.  Should be interesting… especially with the newly opened Lazzarra’s take out location just a block away (on 9th Ave. btw. 43+44th). No word on whether it will be closed on Shomer Shabbos.

Two Boots, 625 9th Ave.


  • whats with the clown and the arab in the window reflection!?!

  • Cool. Somebody break out the Caucasians (The Dude’s fav drink…white russian) to celebrate. :-P

  • Here’s an idea for the Midtown lunch entry. Buy the cajun pizza from Two boots and fold it over and eat it like a sandwhich. That’s 3.25 for a tasty sandwhich with melted cheese, sauce, sauteed bell peppers, andouille sausage, and crawfish. Great sandwhich.

  • This news makes me so happy! Not only can I get it for lunch, I can now order delivery from my apartment!

  • I thought it was my rabbi with a red clown nose.

  • This is just like your opinion man

  • whatsup with the wheat bread they use…barf.

  • This dude does not abide by cornmeal on his pizza.

  • If only it were an In n’ Out Burger. Those are good burgers, Walter.

  • Zach – it should either be “No word on whether it will be closed on Shabbos” or “No word on whether it will be Shomer Shabbos”

    Shabbos is the day, Shomer Shabbos means to keep, or watch, Shabbos.

    I would go with the second one since it is the correct usage of the words and the quote (although I thought he threw a f***in’ in there as well).

  • @ Brian – Another indication of what a terrible Jew I am…

  • Zach: On the bright side, terrible Jews don’t burn in hell because we don’t believe in hell! There’s still hope for you…

  • Open on Sabbath? I don’t roll on Sabbath.

  • this warrants my first comment on ML…this neighborhood needs a decent slice joint (i’ve lived a block away for four years). there is NOTHING decent around here. if these guys stay open late on weekends, they’ll kill it.

  • @new guy

    i second the cajun. it’s the only pizza i’ll eat from this joint.

  • those fellows in the window…(the jew and the eygption)…are the artist of the paintings, local to the area.

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