First Look: Lunch Menu From the New Szechuan Gourmet

A new branch of Szechuan Gourmet is set to open today on 56th btw. B’way+8th, and Lunch’er “Jonathan” was kind enough to scan the menu and send it over.  From the looks of the things it’s mostly the same as the original location (on 39th btw. 5+6th), with maybe a few more lunch specials?  But the most important thing to note is that the SG specialties all remain intact (like ma “paul” tofu and double cooked pork belly with chili leeks.)  Plus lunch specials now come with soup *and* szechuan pickled vegetables! Very exciting.

Check out the full menu of lunch specials after the jump…



Szechuan Gourmet,


  • Ma Paul Tofu would be a nice option during the winter/ cold days. I might have to try their General Tso, Tangerine or Crispy Chicken w. Spicy Garlic Sauce. Ah great, time to reaquaint myself with the American-Chinese dishes. :P

  • @TC – I’d be careful ordering anything that isn’t a Szechuan specialty. I’ve heard numerous disappointing reports from people who went expecting greatness from their Americanized Chinese food dishes, only to be disappointed.

  • @ Zach, thanks for the heads up. Yea, I would rarely expect anything great things from American-Chinese dishes. Only to see how they would differentiate from a local take-out. Hopefully it’s an average lunch option. For the more authentic Szechuan dishes, I’d probably prefer to savor during dinner instead. That’s just me. Haha.

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    Anyone got recommendations from the Lunch Specials menu? Hit me up!

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    Observation: Ma Paul Tofu has 2 chili peppers, a handful of dishes have 3 chili peppers, and there appears to be one dish that they saw fit to give FIVE chili peppers. Have to try that one…

  • hey zach, this may be a *huge* request, but is there any way you can load photos on something other than flickr? i cant view pictures from all the photo sites (photobucket, picasa, etc…), they block it here at work!

  • # 10 .Poached chicken and crispy soy beans with Chili-sesame soy…… FIVE WIDDLE chilis!!

    Thats for me!

  • loco, then what happens when your work blocks photobucket/picasa/etc for the same reason they blocked flickr? :)

  • L12; L13; L22; L33 are my standbys on the lunch special menu from their 39th street branch. Or I’ll ditch the lunch special and get a hot and sour soup and either Dan Dan noodles or spicy seasame noodles.

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    Just stopped by – sign said closed for a “Private Party”, but claim they will start serving dinner tonight…

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    Can anyone recommend nonpork dishes from their menu? Excited to try things but prefer not to eat pork.

  • incidentally, #10 with the five chilis is literally translated as “saliva chicken,” or even more literally as “mouth water chicken.” excited to try it and am hopeful the joint can be my replacement for the grand sichuan previously @ 9th/50th. wu liang ye just doesn’t cut it.

  • @adam-
    ah, what i should have said is something other than the common photo sites, because they are ALL blocked!

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    They’re the more expensive option, but the Scallops with Chili peanuts (L20)are fantastic. So worth breaking $10 for the tax! I’ve had them each time I’ve gone to the original place. They are really plump and juicy with just the perfect hot level of chili – will not kill you but will make you stronger! You get 5 or 6 per portion and they are the largest scallops I’ve been served anywhere – not watery, just rich and scrumptious.

    A lot of dry peppers in the sauce though. Be prepared.

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    Having recently and happily tucked away beef filets in sweet miso on 39th I’m now quite curious about the beef w/spring onion (spicy) which I believe isn’t on the 39th street menu. There are other welcome and exciting additions as well as subtractions to the lunch menu which should keep us talking for awhile. I’ll probably wait till next week, just to let them work out any kinks.

    I still wear a black armband over the loss of Grand Sichuan on 9th.

  • so, i went by yesterday evening around 6, and the “private party sign” was still up with several staff milling around outside. i asked when they were planning on opening, and was told “tonight or tomorrow,” but in a vague, non-committal tone. who knows?

    anyhoo, looks like the prices are even higher than 39th st. guess i’m spoiled from the flushing branch (i know, i know, not a fair comparison).

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