Szechuan Gourmet Opening Second Midtown Location


Huge Chinese food news in the old Inbox last night courtesy of Lunch’er “Robert” (who appears to have taken this photo from his office across the street.) Szechuan Gourmet, the only place ever written about on this site to receive 2 stars from the New York Times (and my personal favorite spot for beef tendon, and twice cooked pork belly with chili leeks), is opening a second location on 56th btw. B’way+8th. The menu will have all the old favorites from the location on 39th btw. 5+6th, plus some new stuff (according to the employee I spoke to.) They hope to open this Tuesday- but you know how those things go, so you’ll want to check back here before heading over.

This is fantastic news for Midtown north Chinese food fans, who right now have to go to… I don’t know… Yips (?) for their closest Chinese food fix. Where the hell do you go for good Chinese food in Midtown north? Starting next week, the answer to that question will be Szechuan Gourmet!

Szechuan Gourmet: Day 1 as a NYT 2 Starred Restaurant


  • I had friends visiting a couple of months ago, and I took them to Szechuan Gourmet. It was so good. I had beef tendons, the cucumber salad, and a whole sea bass with a really red and mildly spicy and sweet sauce on top. The spiciness there is sooo good it’s almost addicting.

  • Nice!!! Finally one in Midtown proper. I’ll eat anything cooked 2X.

  • Kar Won…legit noodle soups, roast pork/duck, and a steam table of delights for when you’re feeling especially lazy and gluttonous.

  • We on the north side.. order from Mee Noodle Shop on 9th ave! Their Shanghai Wonton soup and MooShuPork Lunch Special brings me back there all the time. If you ask, they will give you 2 extra pancakes instead of rice!

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    Happy to hear about the new location. Hopefully the 39th location won’t be as crowded now. My standby is Hing Won and Ying Du when I’m not looking for spicy Chinese or want noodle soup. The noodles soups are much better at Hing Won than at Szechuan Gourmet.

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    Best news I’ve heard all week (month, year?) – 1 block from my office!!! This might even end my mourning over the closing of 51st St Grand Sich 2 years ago. WOO HOO!

  • tried this place for the first time because of this post. delicious! and it seems very authentic. i feel weird saying it, but it’s a midtown lunch spot i would be into going to to sit down… during non-work hours!

  • Is this going to be near Hooters? Finally some good food on the block!

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    Praise the Lord!

    (Or perhaps the even more powerful Frank Bruni.)

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    Went by yesterday, I live on 55th, asked someone doing setup inside, “Is this the same restaurant as 39th street?” The reply was, “I think so.”

    But I’m sure it is. Incredible luck, I agree, after losing Grand Szechuan so suddenly. I went out to Spicy-Tasty in Flushing the other day and thought, “this is a looong trip”.

    Hope they have a discount lunch menu!

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    Went to the new place (56th) just to try out some appetizers: a mixed bag. but a real turnoff was the tea “menu.” Each of the 3 listed teas are $1.50 “a head.” To make sure I understood, I checked with the waiter: tea in a pot is brought to the table; if there are two people, it will be $3.00, 3 people $4.50 and so on. the price depends not on the pot but on the number of cups used.
    I wonder if this is so at lunch. About 3 or 4 days ago I was at the 39th st. restaurant — no charge for tea.
    After seeing the large blowup of the Bruni review of the 39th st. place,I asked if this restaurant was connected to that one and was assured it was: same menu, same food, same chef. Most of the dishes are the same or at least similar, but I don’t think the chef is the same as there were small but noticeable differences in the way some were presented.
    the “new” place is less than 2 blocks from my apartment, so I’ll surely give it another try even though the charge for tea surely irks me.

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