Street Sweets Truck Already Having Parking Trouble?

The new Street Sweets Truck, which launched last week saying they planned on permanently being on 55th btw. 5+6th, already seems to be having trouble with their parking space.  Yesterday they tried moving to 56th Street, before returning to 55th because of “the politics”.  Today they’re trying a new location on the NE corner of 51st and Park. This is nothing new, of course.  It took the Treats Truck awhile before they settled into their regular spots (38th and 5th on Tues/Thurs, 45th & 6th on Weds/Fri), and after months of building up their business the Dessert Truck was forced to move from Park & 52nd to their current location on 55th btw. Lex+3rd.  It may take awhile for these guys to find their footing, but hopefully they’ll stick it out.

If you want to keep track of where the Street Sweet truck is, the best way is to follow their Twitter account.


  • It would be awesome for the new carts to get a camcorder and record every confrontation with those loser who try to intimidate. Then post it so we can all shame the people who try to intimidate.

  • What i don’t understand is how a dessert truck is gonna infringe on a run of the mill halal cart.

  • Alright, parked near me today. lol. Will pass by it and take a quick look.

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    This is BULLSHIT. The carts on the block at 55th and 6th are a standard hot dog cart (pretty good, reasonable prices) and a mediocre halal cart that isn’t even there every day. Add to this poor showing the fact that the crap Italian restaurant in the first floor of 1350 6th Ave actually went and rented a U-Haul to prevent the truck from parking. I would firebomb all of these guys to get the Street Sweets coffee back.

  • I passed by it earlier. There was nobody waiting to buy from them. Kinda sad.
    Two middle-age dudes walked up to it and then apologized to the guy. They were looking for French Fries. LOL. Crazy. Then again, a Pomme Frites cart/truck might stir my attention.

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