Midtown Links (The “I’ve Seen Better Burritos Than That” Edition)

Baja Fresh doesn’t do it when your kid has already had a SF burrito in his hands
(or stared down the tacos at Las Poblanitas)

  • Don’t tell me what’s in halal cart white sauce!  I don’t want to know.  [Diner's Journal]
  • Apparently Top Chefs were giving away ice cream in Midtown this week? [Grub Street]
  • Guys: That dream you had of Lunch’er Jamie at Hooters, might not have been a dream [Fressagirl]
  • Biryani Cart had a long line yesterday.  Biryani Cart’s Sandwich Land, not so much [BLD Project]
  • A celeb chef is opening a pop up restaurant in Midtown this summer? [Grub Street]
  • I learned this week that Myspace is the devil [Miami New Times]


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