Midtown Links (The “I Think My Kid Wants Tacos” Edition)

Cinco de Mayo Lunch at Las Poblanitas

  • A jewelry store on 57th Street was robbed yesterday while the security guards were out to lunch. I wonder where they were eating… [Gothamist]
  • Blog dedicated to finding good Japanese curry in the US gives Go Go Curry a perfect score [Americurry via Serious Eats]
  • Burger Joint is the only Midtown hamburger to make the Burger of the Month Club’s top 10 [NYT via AHT]
  • More praise for the soups at Dean & Deluca [BLD Project]
  • Sandwiches and salads at TGI Fridays are $5 for a limited time… [Official Website]
  • … just watch out for those snake heads [Consumerist]
  • The chef of Daisy May’s is on Oprah today (along with the CEO of KFC) [TONY Feed Blog]
  • Uh- yeah, hello.  Can we get this new truck to come to Midtown please??? [Food in Mouth]

And for those who just can’t get enough of the little guy… there’s a special edition, bonus “free food” photo after the jump.

On line yesterday that KFC on 42nd & Madison


  • please tell me his bear is wearing a yammakah

  • I love that mini luncher’s pics!

  • haha… Right, I’m eating pork tacos but my kid’s toys have yarmulkahs. That’s what’s known in Hebrew as a “baseball hat”

  • Zach, your kid looks seriously annoyed! He clearly doesn’t accept the all free food is worthwhile, no matter how long it take to obtain it….Hilarious!

  • darn it, wishful thinking for ironic purposes

  • he’s eating his hand in the first one… he must really want that plate of tacos!

  • I was thinking “Please tell me Harry is holding a Mets bear” even though that doesn’t look like Mets colors…

  • I think I need to take a day off and have lunch with Harry. I mean you. Well, Harry. You don’t have to come. As long as he doesn’t poop/pee within that hour. Hehehe.

  • Ha! Danny you beat me to it.

    Harry: “dad, are you really going to finish all that? I mean, there is this thing called SHARING! Nom Nom Nom”

  • I’m sure Zach’s kid could probably earn the free chicken at KFC without a coupon or money. Haha.

    Oh, I passed by the NYC Cravings truck. They were even giving away free chicken with rice one night – probably due to the hot weather that day – few weeks ago and not enough people buying. Why let food spoil or go to waste. Lucky NYU kids. Haha. I think I ratehr get their plate for free than KFC’s now. :-)

  • I know I’m going to sound like a sourpuss, but being the father of a 4 month old daughter, these pictures every friday of zach’s baby seem weird and inappropriate.


  • Anonymous, Have you met Zach?


  • Anonymous…lighten up! Zach’s posting the baby every Friday is great! Especially the ones with the captions of Harry speaking. Hilarious!!!!

  • aww…Harry is so adorable. I love the baby pictures, and it’s great to see that Zach is spending time with his kid and taking him places. Some people stop going out because it’s too much of a hassle taking babies out. Zach shows dedication to Midtown Lunch. =)

  • It’s “weird and inappropriate” to post an occasional cute baby pic? Lord, what a parent you must be, Anon. Let me guess–you find yourself regularly shrieking ‘THINK OF THE CHILDREN’, right?

  • ‘weird and inappropriate’

    A social wanker,sorry, worker.

  • NYC Cravings truck (Chinese food truck mentioned in last blog link) says they might come to Midtown on Monday! can’t wait to try it.

  • Just to put it out there that my sister refuses to post her children’s pics online (they are quite adorable) and doesn’t allow me to do so either for child safety purposes, because there are all these pervs in the world who do weird things with people’s pics, so if that’s what Anonymous is trying to say, then he’s got a point…
    Having said that, I’m totally all for Zach still posting Harry’s pic every Friday (or more often!). And I’m not one of those pervs doing weird things to pics. Now my comment above sounds like a loon. Ah sigh.

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