Does Obama Prefer Five Guys or the Burger Joint?

Seeing all the coverage of the President’s trip to Five Guys in DC this week (and reading about how much the First Lady likes cheeseburgers) I can’t help but wonder if he really did hit up the Burger Joint when he stayed at the Parker Meridien hotel during the campaign (obviously the photo is doctored, but the tip about him being there was 100% true.) They’re both good, but I’m partial to the free grilled onions and fresh cut french fries you get at Five Guys (Midtown location on 55th btw. 5+6th.) What are your thoughts Mr. President?

Barack Obama Spotted at the Parker Meridien
Five Guys is NYC’s Closest Thing to In N Out Burger
Burger Joint at the Parker Meridien (Original Post 8/21/06)


  • It’s no question in my book – Burger Joint over Five Guys any day of the week. The meat used by Burger Joint is several notches above Five Guys.

  • @win – Totally agree about the meat.. but damn I just love the free grilled onions and mushrooms. And the fries!

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