Barack Obama Spotted at the Parker Meridien


A friend of mine spotted Barack Obama in the lobby of the Parker Meridien Hotel late last night.  I wonder if he ate at the Burger Joint?  Or maybe Topaz Thai next door? Either would have been better choices than what he had for lunch today visiting Bill Clinton’s office in Harlem: “a potpourri of Cosi sandwiches, flatbread pizza, salad and chips.” Terrible.


  • …that’s fake

  • Thank you Captain Obvious (but my friend really did see him in the lobby of the hotel late last night.)

  • So…what’s the point of this article doing on Midtown Lunch?

    He was spotted at the lobby of the hotel… late last night.

    ….Where’s the food? Where’s the lunch?

  • blog is going down………. useless postings are commonplace now…. get a clue from the blog’s title and motto

  • that’s gotta suck
    used to visit this so often, turn around for a bit and BAM!

    “Tiny dog that resembles some mayor from some city my friend lives in spotted outside of Cafe Metro!”

  • awww… c’mon! don’t be mad at me because i called you captain obvious. i kid because i love!

    besides, how could you not like this post? it’s got it all… a Burger Joint & Topaz Thai recommendation (both excellent midtown lunches), a slam on Cosi, and a super famous politician! what more could you want?

    (cut me some slack… I ate rolly wraps for you this week!)

  • I’m not angry zach, just slightly sad… it’s been a slow month. Sometimes I wander midtown wondering where the heck I’m going to eat…..

    Just the other day, I was at NYC ICY but that’s not lunch… a man can’t live on ICYs for lunch.

    When I saw the mention of Burger Joint, I was wondering if there’s something neat… and turns out it’s Barrack Obama

  • I commend her use of the word potpourri. “Potpourri for $1000, Alex”

    And don’t get mad at Zach because he called you Captain Obvious. He calls me that all the time, so much so that I believe it’s a term of affection.

  • Fucking ungrateful bastards! What the fuk does ML owe your worthless asses that you can’t even put food in your brainless mouths without someone to tell you where to shove it. Bloody smegheads.

    Where the hell is Rudy??

  • You can put lipstick on jamie, but he’s still a gobshyte pig.

  • Even if the photo is genuine, that person is definitely not Barack Obama.

  • jamie’s a douche, and RyuriTatsujin is probably a shiller for McCain ’08. I’ve been hitting this site daily for over a year and half now, and always remain amazed at the new shit Zach digs up (especially within the tight restrictions of his definition of “midtown”).

    Don’t sweat the haters Zach. They are a sad and lonely lot.

    I for one and deeply concerned that Obama may have been that close to Burger Joint and missed it. It’s crucial to my vote in November to know how he orders his burgers. Medium Rare? The Works? NO ONION??!! Why the fuck isn’t anyone asking the hard questions?!!

  • Don’t you morons understand that what you see as the occasionaly lack of new lunch place reviews on this site is a direct function of the crappiness of MIDTOWN, and not the noble and gentlemanly Zach Brooks?

  • i hate the haters. this is one of the awesomest site ever.

  • Topical or not – That’s an awesomely whack Photoshop job! Barack is Abe Lincoln tall with clompy Frankenstein feet. I like.

  • I think i just fell in love with Mamaciita… :)

  • Seriously, wtf ppl? Where’s the love? It’s not like there’s new amazing places popping up every day or something. Seriously, click on that map, there’s a bunch of places covered no matter where your office is located.

    Plus, that looks like a cardboard version of Obama. And if you saw a cardboard Obama in line for a burger, you’d take a picture too!

  • It would have been pretty awesome if he did go to Burger Joint, or say Shake Shack. I’d def. use my powers as a pres. nominee to skip the Shake Shack line.

  • No self-respecting Chicagoan (ite?) could swallow the Chicago dog at Shake Shack. Put lipstick on that thing and it still wouldn’t make it inside Wrigley …

  • Why the negative comment about Cosi? I thought we liked Cosi here. I just hope the Dems used the $2 coupons from AM NY to buy their Cosi spread.

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