Cafe Zaiya Has a Great Fried Fish Sandwich


  • happy well being cart is probably the best fried fish I’ve ever had, but i’ll def have to try zaiya’s now

  • What do you mean “if they ever come back?” oh damn, i’ve been recommending that place for some time now. man that sucks, 3 days MIA. i wonder how i missed that post

  • I can attest to the deliciousness of the zaiya whitefish sandwich, although most of the flavor is coming from the bread and mayo and not the fish. try taking a bite of just fish and you will see that it is kinda flavorless =\

  • went today at 12:15pm after i read this post.

    the place was packed and navigating the place was a bit difficult especially since i have never been to this place before.

    I found the area where the fish sandwich was supposed to see and was sad when there were none left. then i turned around to see one of the employees bringing out a fresh tray full of fish sandwiches.

    i just finished it and my oh my. what a treat! the tartar sauce is so flavorful and creamy. my friend thinks they might actually have used some egg in it. i will definitely be back to try all the other foods offered at Zaiya. oh, AND they have a Beard Papa counter inside. <3

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    Wow – great timing… they should twitter when they are bringing out fresh ones! I am glad you concur about the tastiness of this sandwich. I too noticed bits of what looked like bits of chopped hard boiled egg in the tartar sauce.

  • i did take a picture of my sandwich and would love to share it but im not sure how to post images here…

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