Awesome or Scary: Kashmir Buffet is Now $7.99


Well that didn’t take long. The Kashmir all you can eat Indian/Pakistani buffet on 8th Ave. btw. 39+40th is now $7.95. That’s a $1 reduction since they reopened in March, and only $2 more than what you would pay for just one pound of food at their street level by the pound deli. $8 for an all you can eat Indian buffet is unheard of! (Even Rangole was $9.) Which begs the question… are we excited that the price has been lowered, or terrified of an all you can eat Indian buffet that only costs $8. Only one way to find out… full report coming tomorrow. (Btw- do you think that “30 Years Hospitality Special” is code for “Price To Get People to Eat Here Again”)


  • looking forward to this. I walked in when it reopened a month or so ago. It was completely empty and a douchey WHITE guy behind the bar was like: “hey brother, what’re you drinking today?” and I was like “it’s noon on Tuesday and I’m at a nine dollar indian buffet in a cave… i’ll be drinking the free tap water.”*

    *i didn’t actually say that, i just turned around and left.

  • you is a brave dude.

  • I’m definitely interested in the review. I don’t see how this is financially viable without REALLY crappy ingredients. Iron stomach Zach to the rescue!

  • Unidentified animal matter in masala sauce is and always will be deeply disturbing to me.

    So my vote is SCARY.

  • thank you, zach! i spotted this last week and was meaning to ask you about this.

    this should redeem you in the eyes of those who castigated you about the walgreen’s sandwich.

  • Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

    $8 buffet in the city though? I don’t know. Did they get rid a lot of their main dishes? Quality definitely has to be overlooked?

    I like Indian food but now I’m wishing there’s an $8 american-chinese buffet out there. HAHA.

    I would translate “hospitality” to their generous pricing but hopefully the buffet doesn’t make anyone think it’s better off free or not even if it’s free… ;P

  • on the other hand– my favorite curry hill lunch buffets are all under $7…. and they are all delicious!

  • I’d rather spend the $7.99 on a Pashmina..

  • I ate there a bunch of times in 2005. It wasn’t that scary then.

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