$9 All You Can Eat Indian Buffet Returns to Midtown!


There was a time when the $9 Indian buffet was the norm in Midtown (remember Rangole?).  Those times have long gone, but it looks like the economy may be reversing the trend. Kashmir Buffet (on 8th Ave. btw 39+40th), which closed a few months ago to become the “Cave Lounge”, has reopened for lunch only.  The all you can eat Pakistani/Indian buffet is $8.99, and just before Noon yesterday looked tasty and fresh (unlike the upstairs, pay-by-the-pound Kashmir Express, which always looks like it’s been sitting out for hours).  They had at least three or four choices of meat, plus some interesting looking sweets (that are usually featured in the upstairs window) plus bread is included. I think originally the buffet may have been $8, but whatever. Considering that most buffets in Midtown are $10 and above, I’m all for it! Welcome back…

Photo of the inside is after the jump.


Kashmir Buffet in the Cave Lounge, 601 8th Ave. (btw. 39+40th), 212-594-3777


  • How about Vegetarian dishes, how many choices of those?

  • It’s a pakistani restaurant, so I wouldn’t bet my life on good vegetarian food

  • Avoid Kashmir at all costs. The food there is wretched!

  • mmm… food in a cave… sounds delish

  • Eating in a cave?…shoulda called it Bin Ladens

  • Kinda looks like there’s only 5 different things….

  • You guys should trek over to 51st and 9th in Hell’s Kitchen to Bombay Express for $9 unlimited Indian buffet. The food is great there. Vegetarian dishes are excellently complimentary but I wouldn’t recommend it as a vegetarian restaurant. Though you can order dishes on the side there too – it’s not just buffet. They have a menu.

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