At Lunch Now: Cravings Truck Fried Chicken Lasts Until 1:45 This Week

They were more prepared this week, but the NYC Cravings Taiwanese Fried Chicken Truck ran out of fried chicken at 1:45pm today (an hour longer than last Monday, the first day they parked on 45th btw 6+7th). You can still catch them Tuesdays on 24th and Park, but Thursdays and Fridays are up in the air- as is the question of when they’ll start serving pork chops!!! (I just made that up by the way… They have no pork chop plans, it’s just wishful thinking on my part.)

NYC Cravings Brings Taiwanese Fried Chicken Awesomeness to the Mobile Food Scene


  • purposely went eary to check these guys out (fully expecting them to run out again), and being taiwanese myself, i can confidently say, they are the REAL DEAL. it was heavenly. that “pork sauce” was so much better than i thought it’d be.

  • So was the rice well cooked this time? Anyone go out there?

  • I went again this week, and again the chicken was great. Even better, in fact, because I got extra pork sauce. Tried the pork dumplings and they were good, but way too small to justify the $0.75 / dumpling price. Maybe 1/2 to 2/3 the size of the $0.25 dumplings you’ll get in chinatown.

  • @Mamacita: The rice was cooked well enough, the same as when I had it last Monday.

  • Porkchops from a cart? Is there no bottom to the cart economy?
    Question: what wouldn’t people eat from a cart?

  • Hay now! Taiwanese style pork chops sounds like great addition to their fried chicken. Or perhaps oyster omellete, popiah and sanbeiji/3 cups chicken if they really wanna go all out. LOL.

  • oooh, oyster pancake and 3 cup chicken may be TOO much from a cart. but pork chop would be a nice addition. how about some stinky tofu!

  • I was there today too. Got there at 12:16 and waited 12 minutes. The line was daunting, but it moved.

    I got the chicken over rice and pork sauce ($6), which, honestly, I thought had anorexia, and I got the mixed dumplings ($3)(2 ea pork veg)

    I liked everything. The rice was well cooked. The sauce delicious.

    My only suggestion: A second piece of chicken (its a quarter chicken darkmeat) for additional $3 or $4. I would go for that and skipped the dumplings next time. they were ok, but didnt thrill me.

    fried pork chops over rice? why not? they alread have the fryer and the sauce. (maybe serve porkchop with chicken sauce. :) )

  • clarification: I thought the chicken had anorexia, not the pork sauce. damn English language…. Curses.

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    co-worker and i got really excited about this, since its right downstairs from us, we went at 11:50.
    was extremely disappointed. the rice was too overcooked ( dry ) pork sauce needs too salty and seems like they used too much corn starch and not enough meat. the chicken was good though, so thats a relief.

  • I got there a bit before 12 and has to wait less than 5 minutes. The chicken was fried to perfection, rice was cooked just right and the pork sauce & pickles very good. I would also like some white meat chicken please :D

    I also had the mixed dumplings (pork & veg) – unless you are seriously craving dumplings you should skip them b/c they are tiny (not exactly cheap as mentioned above) and only the pork ones are tasty.

  • I think Oyster Omelette is do-able. It’s sold as a nighttime snack but who wouldn’t want it during lunch? Hahaha. The san bei ji would take a lil preparation of course but not impossible. Oh well, just tossing out more taiwanese/chinese food that I would like to see in Midtown. LOL.

    I don’t know if stinky tofu would sell well here. I probably would buy the deep fried one served with hoisin sauce (not taiwanese but HK style). Gotta kill a whole carton of mints after. Haha. Otherwise, people will think my teeth are rotting or something. Breath is kickin’ :P

  • what would be the problem with oyster omelette from a cart? when i had it in taipei, it was cooked on a barrel at the night market! sanbeiji would be cool.

  • Hijacked thread above

  • Once again got to love our subway system. Co-worker and I jumped on the 6 today and were back in our deskchairs less than 30 mins later, Cravings food in hand. NEW to their menu: TEA EGGS which is basically a hardboiled egg boiled a second time in a specially spiced tea & soy sauce mix, conventionally enjoyed as a late night snack in china. I talk like i know what i’m talking about… i have no clue (thank you google). But being the only white guy on the line today and ordering them up (standing next to my asian co-worker), I felt I had some cred. to be proud of. The eggs were fun, the tea added a subtle sweetness, and spices added the right amount of salt that hardboilded eggs typically need. As for the main course: fried chicken goodness. Ok, I come from a school of thought (much like Zach) that anything fried is good… heck, i’d probably fry my own hand and eat it if I could (thankfully i don’t own a deep-frier)… but this chicken really jumped a level with that pork sauce. The sauce, the greens, the sticky rice, and the chicken (I tore it off the bone into pieces) mixed wonderfully together. For dessert I had the dumplings :> Yes, i feasted today.. and greatly enjoyed.. this should hold me over for at least an hour until my second lunch :>

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