Piece of Chicken Redux: Finally Trying Their Waffle and Fried Livers

Last week I got an email from Lunch’er Kyle asking me if I had tried the new chocolate corn bread muffins from Piece of Chicken, the just out of bounds soul food take out place on 45th btw. 8+9th Ave. where almost everything on the menu is $1 to $3.  Why no.  I haven’t tried the new choclate corn bread muffins, was my reply.  Clearly I needed to revisit Piece of Chicken, and see what was going on.

To be completely honest though, I had ulterior motives.  Chocolate corn bread muffins sounded pretty good, but what I really wanted to try was the fried chicken and waffle and fried chicken livers, two items on the Piece of Chicken menu which always seemed to be sold out every single time I stopped by for like two weeks straight last year.  Well, it’s been awhile- but I returned to Piece of Chicken a few days ago, and both items were available.

Before I moved to NYC, I spent a few years in L.A. and quickly discovered the joys of putting a piece of fried chicken on top of a waffle (at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles of course.)  I know there are some who “don’t understand” the concept… but truthfully, I “don’t understand” people who “don’t understand” why fried chicken on a waffle is amazing.  (You may say the secret ingredient is the syrup.)  I’ve been to Amy Ruth’s up in Harlem, and for awhile the now closed Ressie May’s Soul to Go served up fried chicken and waffles in Midtown (R.I.P.)  But now, our only option for Midtown Lunch’ing is Piece of Chicken.

Piece of Chicken

I was actually really surprised at how big a waffle you get for $3.  It’s really thin, and not crunchy at all (which I kind of liked.)  Not sure if it’s because it got steamed in the container, but I only walked a few blocks before sitting down to eat it- something that is unavoidable, because Piece of Chicken is take out only.  You get your choice of chicken (I chose thigh), and it may not be much to look at- but damn was that piece of chicken good.  It was so good, I’m curious if they’ve changed their recipe.  The seasoning was stand out good, and I don’t remember thinking that the first time I visited.  Of course, tearing a piece off, wrapping it in waffle and dunking it in syrup took the whole thing to another level.  (Yes, they do provide syrup… and little packets of hot sauce.)  So good… I could eat this for breakfast or lunch every singe day.  And for $3, it really can’t be beat.

Piece of Chicken

Rounding out my lunch, I finally got to try the fried chicken livers- which are now $1.50 (up from $1.)  In fact they raised the prices of a few things (a breast is now $2 instead of $1, and 2 wings are $1.50 instead of $1), but considering how much liver you get, it’s still a bargain. Fried to a crisp, the chicken livers from Piece of Chicken are funnnnnky (and I mean that in that best way possible.)  This ain’t no foie gras or some “gateway liver” pate. These are chunks of chicken liver, deep fried, and served in a stryrofoam container in all their plain glory.  Plain, they were just ok, and a tad bit soggy- either from not being freshly fried or the 3 minute walk in the styrofoam container.

Piece of Chicken

Of course once they were soaked in hot sauce, none of that mattered.  (And I will admit to dunking a few of them in syrup… also recommended.)  If you love liver, you’ll probably be into this.  But if you are even on the fence regarding the joys of offal, I’d stay away.  In other words, if I had to take Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods to eat one thing in Midtown- this might be the dish.

All in all it was a pretty awesome lunch- aided by the fact that I was totally full for just $4.50.  And even with all the great fried chicken options in Midtown West, it was well worth traveling that extra avenue out of bounds. Oh, and as for the chocolate corn bread muffins?  They made those “by accident”, so it was just a one time thing.  Kyle, consider yourself lucky if you got to try them… because I don’t think they’re coming back.

Piece of Chicken, 362 W. 45th St. (just East of 9th Ave.), 212-582-5973


  • I got some food from them back in October or November and low behold there was a chocolate corn muffin in there. I didn’t even order it! So maybe they’re just prizes that lucky customers get once in a while.

  • mmm.. hot sauce. yea i can’t eat those livers plain… they really do transform when you add some hot sauce. those pieces are HUGE too.

  • Chicken and waffle combo is a great deal, but the one item I wish they threw in… gravy. Thigh is the right move – but much like my women, the thigh sizes vary wildly. I ordered 3 once and it was like the 3 bears. I believe the waffle is intentionally floppy …. I usually prefer crisp but for this particular meal you do need a sponge. The breading is still the same I think. And same = awesome.

    Passed there yesterday at 12:30 after a Madeleine crepe at CyberCafe and the chicken line was around 20 people long. Maybe they were giving out diamond or ruby muffins

  • Zach I dare you to eat a deep fried walgreens sandwich

  • That waffle looks like it was made between the cheeks of Doc’chuckies arse.

  • I like my waffles crispy outside, moist inside. The entire point of most of the menu at that place is sabotaged by styrofoam.

  • All you have to do is punch a few holes in the styro.. Should be standard anywhere they serve fried stuff

  • Ive wanted to go a few times, but the lack of a place to eat has stopped me from buying. Maybe a few tables will be on the sidewalk in the summer

  • They need to take a lesson from the English. Always put fried food in a paper bag to go! also helps sop up some of the grease. mummmm… I want some chips now…

  • The deep fried liver reminds me of the one street vendor we have near my house in Indonesia. He didn’t bread the liver, but he fried it in oil mixed with tamarind. The result is so freaking fragrant. Though I generally prefer kidneys or lungs among offals. Good stuff. Definitely need to try this place.

  • …and Mama…..the Hit of the malt vinegar as you rip the bag open……..

    Chip butty anyone?

  • My family used to make fried chicken livers all the time. I was a fan them by age 3. Though they were usually served with black beans and rice. I don’t make them like my family does unfortunately so I just wait for a special occasion and request them.

    pisachicken is a bit too far from my office, but one day I’ll have to make the hike.

  • You can eat lungs? I’m being serious.

  • Adam,
    Go to piece of chicken after work, punch the holes in the Styrofoam like Inane suggest and head only 2 blocks over to Rudy’s bar for a seriously good pint and it’s CHEAP! It’s the perfect duo. Plus you can also get a free hot dog to add to the gluttony.

  • @meyekull No seating should not stop you from enjoying the fried gifts. There is a perfectly sturdy stoop to sit on at the building next door. I second Mamacita’s idea- I very much enjoy sneaking fried chicken into Rudy’s and getting a pitcher to go with it.

  • @Yvo: cows lungs, yes, I think they taste like blood pudding, but a little chewy like asian pork jerky. Indonesian restaurants that specialize in Minang/Padang traditional food might have it here. It’s a typical dish for Minang/Padang restaurants back home.

  • In China, the butchers hang fresh lungs out just like the cooked chickens and ducks in in Chinatown NYC. I do believe it was pig lungs though.

  • Mamacita, probably a better idea than eating one of Rudy’s “hotdogs”.

  • Was looking forward to this today on National Waffle Day. No luck. No waffles.

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