At Lunch Now: President’s Day Chicken & Waffles

Day off from work + no line at Amy Ruth’s (116 & Lennox in Harlem) = Very Happy Zach. I love President’s Day!!!The camera phone photo didn’t come out so hot.  A much better looking one, after the jump…


  • Are there tables to sit down at Amy Ruth’s? N.

  • Oh cool! I really have to make my way there now! :o)

  • I’m waiting patiently for the Amy Ruth’s to open by me in Downtown Bklyn. If only they had toficken and waffles for my girl.

  • The fried chicken with honey is sticky & amazing! Lots of tables to choose from. Either on the first floor or upsatirs…..but the first floor is way more fun.

  • Was Amy Ruth and her chicken and waffles just on THROWDOWN WITH BOBBY FLAY????? If not, where was the place that has been serving it up since the 1930′s????

  • I don’t know for sure, but I think Amy Ruth’s has been opened for less then 10 years. they may have gone to Sylvia’s which I’m sure has been open forever, and is often credited with inventing fried chicken and waffles (along with Roscoe’s in Los Angeles)

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