I’m a 2009 Vendy Award Judge (And You Can Be One Too!)

Some people start blogs to get a real writing gig, or a book deal.  Some do it to get invited to events and openings and score free food.  My only dream in starting Midtown Lunch was that one day I would get to be a judge at the Vendy Awards (the Academy Awards for street food.)  Well, this year they have been suckered decided to make that dream a reality.  But even more exciting than the news about me, is that this year you can be a judge too!

The website for the 5th Annual Vendy Awards is officially live, so nominations are open and tickets are on sale now for the event- which this year is happening on September 26th at the Queens Museum of Art.  Tickets will be $80 in advance, $100 at the door (if it doesn’t sell out, which it probably will).  But here’s the best part- from now until May 31st you can get tickets at a special recession price of $60.  Plus everybody who buys a recession ticket in advance will be entered into a raffle to become a “Citizen Judge”.  That’s right… buy your tickets before May 31st and you could be sitting at the judges table along with me (I know, it’s ridiculous), Jacques Torres, and Pichet Ong.

There are also $30 tickets for kids, and a limited number of $150 tickets if you want VIP table service… and because the money goes to a good cause (supporting the Street Vendor Project) it is tax deductible. 4 months, 13 days and counting!

Get all the info, but tickets and merchandise, or nominate your favorite vendor on the Official Vendy Awards Website.

Biryani Cart & Treats Truck Are People’s Choice at The 2008 Vendy Awards!


  • Congrats Zach!

  • …they’ve given Zach Brooks free run at the best carts in Manhattan…for the evening.

    Forgive them o lord,they know not what they do.

  • Maybe I’m missing something, but how is it that tickets are as much as $100 to sample street food when they were only $35 to sample food from actual restaurants (AND all you can drink) at Choice Eats?

  • @confused – It’s a charity fundraiser for the Street Vendor Project (a non-profit organization dedicated to helping street vendors in the city.) This is their main source of fund raising for the entire year…

  • yay!!!! You rock Zach

  • @confused: tix cost as much as they do because it’s the primary fundraiser for the street vendor project (the non-profit advocacy group that goes to battle on behalf of the street vendors to make sure we continue to have great vendors out on our streets).

  • Awesome Zach! That is a HUGE HONOR and VERY SPECIAL TREAT!

  • Yes, Congratulations Zach! That is great stuff.

  • It’s all for a good cause. I might be an early-bird this year and commit.

  • Gotcha, well that’s pretty cool then, congrats Zach!

  • Cool. Sounds Awesome. Congrats Zach on the honor of judging.

  • Wow! Zach, did you ever believe that your opinion on food would be as valuable as Jacques Torres and Pichet Ong? Then again, I think Daisy Fuentes was a judge last year…does that make you the eye candy!

  • flatrock: “*AS* valuable”???!!?!?! Try MORE valuable. I would trust Zach’s food recommendations long before those other frou-frou ‘gourmands’!

  • Very Awesome. Congrats Zach. I may just have to make it to this, this year.

  • Congrats Zach. You deserve this honor and let’s hope you will be steadfast in your authorship of the most important blog in my life now that you have realized your dream. . And that the most deserving of the Vendy will not get tripped up by a Q on same sex marriage. PS Torres is a cool dude and his Elizabeth is an angel.

  • Hope he saves the rest of us some food to sample ;P

  • Yeah! Awesome! Enjoy :)

  • Wow! Even your fans in South Florida are very proud! Who better to judge! Congratulations Zach.

  • Zach- your kind the foremost expert on street carts in Manhattan so it wouldn’t be a real competition if you werent judging.

  • Much deserved! I wish I could be there. Have fun!

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